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100% Blast-Proof LPG Cylinders Launched in India


Every year there are ample reports of incidents where there are casualties from cylinder blasts. In fact, such incidents not only spark household losses but often, in cafeteria, restaurants and hotels too, incidents concerning cylinder blasts are extremely detrimental. Thankfully, ‘GoGas Elite’, a recent collaborative innovation by Confidence Petroleum India Limited and Time Technoplast Limited, is rolling out blast-proof cylinders.



There is no denying the fact that the blast-proof GoGas Elite cylinders are truly an upgraded version of the explosion-proof Litesafe cylinders launched in 2017. No doubt, these cylinders are safe from exploding even when they are engulfed in fire. The average shelf of GoGas Elite cylinder is around 20 years, which is nearly 4-5 years more than the normal steel cylinders.

Obviously each of these cylinders needs to clear a 14-step quality assessment test before it is certified as ‘fit for use’ by the concerned authorities. India is not the first country to witness such, rather the fourth to get such as far as cooking gas is concerned.



These gas-fibre cylinders are much lighter in weight than their existing steel counterparts. This cylinder enables any individual to check the liquid gas level, which is a first of its kind. The fitting and regulation of the GoGas cylinder is simple and more consumer-friendly and prevents gas leakage. However, these cylinders are expensive and the market price is 20-25% higher than the available LPG cylinders.

The GoGas Elite cylinders are highly resistant to heat, corrosion, rusting and UV rays. These are recyclable as well, which is a huge impetus in the truest sense of the term.

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