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Meet GG SHAH the face of the future of interiors


Interior designer GG SHAH speaks about 7WD and her dream of creating an 8th wonder


GG (Gunjan Gupta) SHAH, a New Delhi-based interior designer with over a decade’s experience


GG (Gunjan Gupta) SHAH, a New Delhi-based interior designer with over a decade’s experience, has changed the way interior designing is seen and practised — through a positive approach and infusing into her work a refreshing energy. She is co-founder of the 7 Wonders Designing Institution Pvt. Ltd (7WD Group).


GG SHAH is well known in the industry for having added unique and dynamic aspects to interior designing and concept designing for her clients. She has worked for many celebrities, including Ghulam Nabi Azad. She is also involved in many multi-disciplinary creative projects and is passionate about visualizing and inventing new trends and techniques in the world of designing.

About 7WD

7WD is a complete space design studio of architecture, interior designing and landscape designing with a designer furniture factory for creating space harmony through Vaastu, Fengshui and Chromotherapy. 7WD specialises in Minimalist, Scandinavian and Luxe interiors with a global influence and is known as a luxury, high-end house designer in India.


In designing residential and commercial spaces, 7WD has carved for itself a unique niche by creating highly customized spaces for a discerning Indian — as well as foreign — clientele. 7WD crafts visual designer stories which, guided by clients, their aspirations and diverse experiences, become signature surroundings. The firm designs great exteriors and interiors that allow its clients to express fully who they are and what is meaningful for them.

7WD understands the requirements of clients’ spaces and helps them get world-class designing services. The company works on residential, commercial and hotel interiors depending upon the requirements and budgets of its clients and offers integrated solutions that address their needs.

Her journey so far:

GG SHAH is a BSc. in Interior Styling from Central St Martin’s College of Arts and Design, London, UK, with a Ph.D in Vaastu Science. Many clients come to her for advice on Vaastu and Habibat Science with Chromotherapy (the science of using colours to adjust body vibrations to frequencies that result in health and harmony; each colour possesses frequencies of a specific vibration and each vibration is related to different physical symptoms).

“As an interior designer and a businesswoman, I, sometimes, get lost between meetings with new clients, following up with old ones, chalking out proposals and designing magical spaces,” says GG.

She has also worked with the CNN and HT in the past and writes articles on colour codes and habitat science. Her works show a strong sense of storytelling, concept and colour and the ability to create an immediate, visceral and multi-sensory experience. GG is a self-taught designer and enjoys creating optical illusions by blending unrelated objects into one cohesive image. The journey, so far, has been beautiful with its own twists and turns. She believes she has learnt a lot and, yet, there is much to learn.

Her view:

“We design from the soul. It’s not just about putting things in a room, but a much deeper and broader exercise. It’s about self-discovery. As a firm worth our clients’ trust, we discover their requirements first and offer them economical and innovative solutions,” remarks GG.



Future plans:

“At present, 7WD is working on different residential and commercial projects. Soon, we’re planning to expand our canvas and open offices in other metropolitan cities in India and the UAE. Our ultimate vision is to give another wonder to the world of designing.


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