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5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Afghan Bhaijaan’s Videos


In today’s digital generation, a war of words in social media is far more entertaining than over-pitched emotions on the idiot box. And no doubt, Internet has many ways to amuse us. From stand-up comedy to vines, from memes to jokes – we love laughing out loud in every possible way.

Thanks to this person from our neighbour, Afghanistan, we have a real-life “Bhaijaan”. Our overseas Bhaijaan – Afghan Bhaijaan.

He is now popularly trending in the Internet. His YouTube channel features vlogs that are superbly interesting, humourous and witty.



Here are the five reasons why you should watch Afghan Bhaijaan’s videos –

  1. Something in between an Evil and a Not So Evil Laugh:

Well, we all know what a laugh is. Afghan Bhaijaan’s hahahaha laugh is simply his trademark. You’ll love seeing him laugh from the core of the heart.

  1. Hindi Pronunciation:

You must have heard very posh (actually funny) Hindi pronunciation of some Bollywood actresses. Now you should change your taste. This Afghani Pathan speaks Hindi and listening to him is pretty interesting.

  1. A Car Is the Set Up. Or Is It?

Though most of his vlogs are set against some red-and-green background – prominent colours of the national flag of Afghanistan – some recent videos feature a car. Sitting on the driving seat, he pours his heart out. We bet you haven’t seen anyone vlogging like him!

  1. Mixture of Fun and Humour:

The combination of his wit and sense of humour is simply outstanding. Some comments will make your stomach ache out of a cackling laughter.

  1. Straight Cut Message:

In most videos, Afghan Bhaijaan talks about his country’s not-at-all-good relation with Pakistan, and like Wilfred Owen, his message too is clear – War is nothing but a huge loss of human life.

A cookie point – Afghan Bhaijaan is strictly not for Pakistan. Hence, concerned people kindly keep a safe distance!


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