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A caring mind cures best

In this pandemic where humanitarian crises are arising every minute, Asmita and Anurag Saha with the help of their mother Tapashi Saha are people the world needs. The trio is reaching out to Covid patients by making food and delivering it to their doorstep without any money in return. The initiative was ideated in a day when Asmita Saha, an M.A final year student of English was encouraged by her brother Anurag who works in an advertising agency. In a brief interview with The Optimist News Asmita opened up about her initiative.

The Idea

As soon as the crisis hit, the siblings decided to contribute and came up with the idea of delivering food to Covid patient’s doorstep, while their mother readily agreed to cook. “We started giving out the posters on Sunday and started taking orders from Monday” says Asmita.

Meals for covid patients.

Making difference

Asmita believes that every individual contribution counts, feeding 10 people a day also counts. “If we all take turns to feed one particular Covid patient, then the week gets covered for him,” emphasizes Asmita on how individual contribution can manage the crisis.


We are taking calls till 5 in the morning, the response is overwhelming” adds Asmita. Other than those in need of the service, Asmita is also getting calls from people who want to contribute. “People, who are away from their families and cannot take care of them properly, are frantically asking for meals. In this dreadful situation we are trying our best to respond to the need of the hour,” she shares.

Anurag Saha and Asmita Saha dispatching foods.


Tapashi Saha is the one who is facing the most of the challenge, as she is the one who is cooking, and calls are increasing by hours. “My mother is cooking, and doing most of the work,” adds Asmita. Anurag and Asmita are helping in packing and dispatching foods, and are keeping the count to serving 10 people a day. They are also escalating the number if it’s urgent. The orders are being made in slots, first come first serve.


Measures that are taken by the Saha family are up to the mark. Tapashi Saha is wearing a mask and a head cap while preparing food. Mask, head caps are being used throughout. Distance is being maintained while delivering the food at the doorstep.

With proper precautions, Tapashi Saha preparing food.

 “We are not using gloves as it is not considered hygienic,” justifies Asmita. Before packing the items the containers are being sanitized.

Plans for reaching out to more needy ones

“We have just started out, right now we are not thinking of expanding our service, all we are doing is focusing on the present demands, and help as many people as possible,” notifies Asmita.

May their tribe thrive!

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