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Afreen Khan – The Untold Story of a ‘Superfit’ Woman


In between black and white photographs and Instagram posts, several generations have simply rushed in their lives. Appreciation or recognition in life has got a digital form. Let’s not forget what the darker reality of digital media can tell upon someone. In between, we come across personalities who are vibrant personalities and inspire us to keep in life. Afreen Khan is one such individual, rather a celebrity in the colourful digital media, who has transformed herself from being an average professional to a social media influencer.


Afreen Khan, an Instagram star, is a fitness icon


If you log in to Instagram and look at her pictures, it would be difficult for you to accept that Afreen Khan has been married for the last 9 years, a mother of a 5 year old and a complete workaholic. In fact, she has been an active entrepreneur for the last 7 years. Her professional life prior to the transformation was colourful as well. Afreen says,” I have had the pleasure of working with corporate giants like MICROSOFT as their empanelled technical trainings partner. However my passion towards fitness has driven my life in a very different direction.”

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that ‘fitness’ itself has transformed Afreen Khan to a different person altogether. Even though she was popular among her peers for her professional acumen, her commitment towards fitness simply overwhelmed everyone. “Last year, I have won the title of MRS INDIA EARTH FACE OF SOUTH 2018 and was specially acknowledged for my physical strength in the pageant when I surprised the judges in the fitness round by doing clap and single arm push ups on the stage. Being an entrepreneur is my profession but being a fitness enthusiast is something that depicts my personality on the whole,” remarks Afreen Khan.


Last year, Afreen Khan won the MRS INDIA EARTH FACE OF SOUTH 2018


Accept it or not, very few people in this world have their passion as their profession. Afreen Khan is an exception and she has taken the risky stride of diving in the segment of hugely competitive fitness domain. She has shown the world that age is just a number and a super-fit mom is a reality even in India.

The journey in the whole transformation hasn’t been a cakewalk for Afreen. She herself acknowledges,” Coming from a Punjabi family, food was always a very big part of my life and it still is. The difference being, I have learnt not to starve but eat as per my body requirements .After becoming a mother I didn’t just gain immense weight but lost my self-confidence as a woman when my own friends started making fun of me calling me a big fat Punjabi having midlife crisis .But when I started losing weight the same people criticised me for doing it to please others. That’s when I realised I need to do things for myself my way. So what started just as an amateur attempt to look thinner, became my strongest perspective towards life. Not only had it made me stronger physically but mentally as well.”


Before 2016, Afreen Khan was not at all into fitness


The best part about Afreen Khan is her commitment to life. She hasn’t taken the short cut to become fit, rather she has opted a very scientific approach. Her diet chart is customised as per the need as well as the exercises. Afreen candidly says, ”I do carb cycling when I feel I have hit a plateau but other than that I follow intermittent fasting on a regular basis wherein I follow a 16 hour fasting and 8 hour eating window. My regular diet includes chicken salad, 16 eggs and 2 rotis with veggies a day.”

No doubt, on Women’s Day, we salute Afreen Khan, the Instagram star, who has redefined fitness with a positive outlook and fresh perspective to life.



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