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Age is no barrier to success for 5 entrepreneurs

Do you have a brilliant idea for a startup? So, what’s stopping you from floating your project? Did you say age is barring you from pursuing your passion? There is no age limit to become an entrepreneur. For the longest time, the young have been believing in the traditional methods of doing things where they simply accept what comes their way. But those days are long gone!

Today’s youth is fearless and incredibly detailed, brimming with vigorous energies to make a difference in the world. These curious minds are the ones behind some of the most mind-boggling ideas aimed at leaving a positive impact in the society. We bring you five changemakers who beat the set norms around their age.

Radhika Joshi, 20

Founder at The Second Chance Project

Aimed at spreading awareness about organ donation, Radhika initiated The Second Chance Project after facing a tragic loss of a loved one to kidney failure. Understanding the importance of the grave issue at a young age, she was determined to raise this growing concern and bring it to everyone’s notice, making it her life’s mission. At the age of 18, she founded The Second Chance Project.

Putting their creative energies at work, Radhika along with her dedicated team, brainstorm innovative ideas to emphasize the importance of organ donation while making people aware of it. Their outreach includes street plays, workshops, and artistic activities.

Within a short span of time, the project has been able to sensitize close to 700 individuals about the issue.

Satyam Mehta, 16

Founder at Rural Invest & Junkguards

Starting his entrepreneurial journey at a very young age, Satyam’s incredible problem-solving attitude led him to identify rural India’s two most relevant issues: waste management and financial literacy. Satyam held a broader vision of changing the world and making an impact.

An enthusiastic self-starter, Satyam was quick to identify the lack of financial opportunities in the rural area of the country and could feel the need for an effective solution. This led to the inception of Rural Invest, a mobile application that he developed to offer a robust digital wealth management solution in the lesser developed areas.

The significant issue of irresponsible management of the e-waste generated on a daily basis also grabbed Satyam’s attention to which he responded by providing a revolutionary solution: Junkguards, a well-connected waste management system to keep the environment clean.

Recognizing his exceptional efforts, Satyam has been honored at various platforms including The Young Entrepreneurs.

Advait Thakur, 18

CEO & Founder at Apex Infosys

At the age of 18, you would expect a teenager to spend hours on Instagram and Facebook, but then Advait runs a company. Recognized as one of the youngest CEOs in the country by CEOInsights, Advait started using computers at the age of six and is an expert of Google’s AI and Natural Language Processing API. He launched his own website at the age of nine.

Taking the road less travelled, Advait excessively indulged in the world of bits and bytes, founding his own company, Apex Infosys that aims at providing digital solutions in the domain of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

The tech whiz, Advait has also been a guest lecturer at Indian Institute Of Technology, Bombay. Having developed astounding mobile applications including ‘Autism Awareness’ and ‘Technology Quiz’, Advait is currently working with Google’s AI and Cloud platforms.  

Harshita Jain, 16

Founder at Necessiteas

Harshita had her life-changing moment at the Young Entrepreneurs Academy class where she stumbled upon the story of bubble tea and was completely hooked to it. For those unaware, bubble tea is a tea-based drink invented in Taiwan during the 1980s. Getting quality bubble tea in India was a problem and her own admiration towards the libation led to her startup, Necessiteas, which specializes in making bubble tea.

Operating from her own house currently, Harshita plans to open her dedicated stores soon in Delhi and take her bubble tea to people.

Apoorvi Bharatram, 17

Founder at The Happiness Project

Apoorvi was introduced to the issue of lack of mental health awareness at a young age when she closely observed her sister fight clinical depression. Deeply moved by the situation, she made it her mission to solve the problem and make the scenario better.

Her cherished endeavor, The Happiness Project aims at following a three-step model to focus on the happiness quotient of an individual and enhances the vital role played by schools, teachers, and trainers in transforming the issue.

The project accesses people in varied aspects like body issues, drug abuse, and depression while offering practical guidance to help them.

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