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All you need to know about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

What is PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?

When we speak of posttraumatic experiences we usually refer to the trauma or mental disorder caused from previous illness. Posttraumatic stress disorder or PTSD is a common disorder seen in many patients which is caused due to some psychological trauma from an infectious disease or epidemic breakout. If we look at the current situation, the outbreak of the COVID pandemic has had a tremendous psychological impact on people. This is because the possibility of loss of lives triggers panic. Experiencing or witnessing the sufferings related to covid19 results in post traumatic disorder among survivors, as well as family members.

The after effect


According to Dr Sukamal Biswas who was earlier associated with Beliaghata ID Hospital, Kolkata, trauma induced state can happen after any serious disease which is mostly emotional than physical. Mentally, the person becomes weak after recovering from a serious illness as he or she gets physically exhausted. “The trauma post COVID19 can happen on different levels. Firstly, there are the patients suffering from the symptoms of the disease along with the traumatic and exhaustive treatment. Secondly, the trauma is faced by immediate witnesses of the sufferers of covid19, their painful journey and the constant encounter with life and death threats. This directly impacts the family members. Lastly, there is the fear or trauma of potential social isolation, exclusion and stigmatization. In these situations certain psychotic drugs can be prescribed in extreme cases or psychiatric counseling can be taken to come out of these situations”

Dr Sukamal Biswas, Beliaghata ID Hospital, Kolkata

Solution to PTSD

Most people might experience a range of reactions but can recover from them without any medical assistance. However, those who continue to experience it go into a trauma induced state called PTSD. One of the most common features of PTSD is that the patient experiences negative emotional states due to nightmare and trauma which can result in bouts of anxiety and depression. If this not does not go away on its own then sedatives and other drugs have to be prescribed to get the patient back to their normal state of mind. Also talk therapy sessions can be arranged to help people face their fears and overcome the trauma and reduce their sense of anxiety.

Some common solutions that may come handy

Thus post covid trauma induced state is definitely one of the rising concerns for doctors and psychologists, although, it is still not very prevalent among masses. However, it is important to know that post traumatic events from ailments such as Covid or similar diseases can give rise to a range of mental health problems which can affect the brain and cause distress leading to neuropsychiatric symptoms as well. With early diagnosis and treatment and medication patients suffering from these traumatic states can be reintegrated back into their lives.

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