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Amidst lockdown, Soulflower continues to feed Mumbai’s stray cats & dogs

A nationwide lockdown imposed to contain the spread of the dreaded COVID-19 has affected everyone. With movement restricted and limited access to supplies, even a vibrant city like Mumbai has come to a standstill. However, amidst this lockdown when people have confined themselves to their homes, the stray cats and dogs of the city are being cared for. Mumbai based Soulflower has taken the responsibility of feeding the abandoned strays across the city with the help of its employees who have volunteered to the task. The company feeds roughly over 200 cats and dogs daily and have also adopted a few that were in dire need for care.

Stray dogs and cats being fed during the lockdown

While the lockdown has affected many of us, it has disrupted the lives of the stray animals. With no means of understanding the sudden disappearance of people and with shops and markets closed, our four-legged friends must be distraught. Soulflower is an animal loving organization which has been silently working towards taking care of the strays for over a decade. The company shelters over 20 cats and dogs in its office premises and has been feeding over 200 strays in and around Andheri, Airport, Marol, Bandra – Bandstand and Carter Road. The company ensures that the meals fed to the strays are as advised by vets and include a balance of chicken, eggs, rice and pulses.

Soulflower has also been doing its bit in helping the frontline warriors of the city – the Mumbai Police. The company has been offering sanitizers to its nearest Police stations in Marol and Andheri.

Being an essential services provider, Soulflower continues to operate at 10 per cent manpower ensuring that social distancing is maintained. Also since it is in the business of producing hygiene and sanitizing products it stocks masks, soaps, coats and sanitizers which are provided to not just its employees but also to their families.

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