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Are stress and anxiety disturbing your peace? Take the help of a life coach


What’s the first image that comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘coach’? Most likely, you’ll see a sports coach with a panama hat on his head and a whistle round his neck.

But have you ever thought why this is so? Simply because most sporting teams and individual athletes have coaches for themselves regardless of whether they are playing professionally, or not.

But do we really know who’s a coach? A coach is a person who supports his/her client(s), can be your best friend, your next-door neighbour and even me, in achieving a specific personal, or professional, goal by providing support and guidance.



Sadly, even today, most people think, “If you work with a life coach, there’s something wrong with you.” Hiring a coach for lot of people means they don’t know many things about life and it can be a huge blow to their egos. But life-coaching is just the opposite. The transformation the coaches bring about in their clients is not by providing them with answers and solutions, but by helping clients come up with their own solutions.

We have this example of Nilesh, a highly successful businessman. In spite of being financially very successful, Nilesh used to feel stressed all the time and anxiety used to mark his behaviour. He failed to understand the reason for this. It was at this point that he came to know about life-coaching and thought of giving it a try.

Through coaching, he was able to understand the underlying reasons for his strange behaviour. Not being able to spend enough time with his family and a series of other reasons he had never paid any attention to were behind his current state. After getting coached for a number of sessions, Nilesh was able to get a much better perspective and clarity about the priorities in his life. He is feeling less stressed with each passing day.



So, you can see that there’s nothing wrong in taking the help of an expert. Even those who are successful in life may need someone to observe them and help them change the way they do or look at things in everyday life.

Coaches help them achieve exactly that. Coaches add so much of value that even the most successful entrepreneurs take help from them. They can be very useful to everyone, irrespective of whatever stage of life a person is in.

Sweta Sureka is a certified life coach and an author. She can be reached at 9831474420 and


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