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Arijit Singh’s Bengali single ‘Eka Ekela Mon’ becomes the only Indian song to feature on US Secretary’s Spotify playlist

From radio to making playlists on apps, music technology has seen huge growth and people have been linked with it in all of its stages. Nowadays, people can easily share each other’s playlists with a single click, and it creates a network that connects them with music. It also becomes interesting to find and listen to playlists made by different individuals. Recently, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken shared his Spotify playlist named ‘Secretary’s 2021 Playlist: On the road’ on Twitter, and guess what, a Bengali song by Arijit Singh features on it.

Titled, ‘Eka Ekela Mon – Lofi’, it’s the only Indian song to feature on the playlist of US Secretary of State Antony Blinken. US Embassy of India retweeted the Secretary’s tweet mentioning the song.

Arijit Singh’s ‘Eka Ekela Mon – Lofi’ has been released by SVF Music. The song became a sensation when it was first released seven years ago and last year the Lofi version of the song also gathered a huge amount of love from the audience.

For Mahendra Soni, co-founder and director of SVF, it’s a moment of pride. He is doubly happy that Bengali music is enjoyed by people across the globe. He also congratulates the music streaming apps for this rare feat.

“We are extremely happy that our song ‘Eka Ekela Mon – Lofi’ has been featured in Blinken’s playlist. Huge credit goes to the music streaming apps that are available in the market. It has taken the whole music industry to another level and so nowadays music can easily reach any corner of the world. The US Secretary’s playlist has some unique songs from different regions with ‘Eka Ekela Mon – Lofi’ being the only Indian song in it,” said Soni.

The US Secretary’s exceptional playlist has 36 songs of different genres from different countries. It resembles the Secretary’s significant tweet caption which says “Music brings people together; it transcends borders and everything else that might divide us.” His caption and the songs in his playlist define that music is beyond boundaries and people enjoy music by keeping aside all factors that divide humans.

The American government official and diplomat Antony Blinken is serving as the 71st United States secretary of state, one of the highest-ranking members of the President’s Cabinet under President Joe Biden. He previously served as deputy national security advisor and also as deputy Secretary of State under President Barrack Obama.

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