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Asansol-Durgapur Police Commissionerate’s “Fitness First” motto adds agility to the department

A popular saying goes – “Take care of your body. It’s the only place you truly live”. This adage is particularly significant today, with CoVID-19 firmly delineating the criticality of health and hygiene. As people are becoming more and more conscious about staying fit they are fast adopting health enhancing behaviors like walking, running or joining gyms or working out at home.

Glimpses from the 10th Annual Sports Meet organized by Asansol Durgapur Police Commissionerate

That said, fitness has always been the sine qua non of the police force as their work demands physical strength and valor on a daily basis. Pandemic or not, cops follow a stringent health regimen all over the world. It is no exception in India or Bengal.
Meet Commissioner of Police Asansol Durgapur, Mr. Sukesh Kumar Jain who strongly believes in staying fit and in doing so dedicatedly follows a comprehensive fitness routine.

Commissioner of Police, Asansol Durgapur Sukesh Kumar Jain trying to hit the bulls eye

“We are in policing and given the mode of work and responsibilities attached to the profession, staying fit for us is not an option but a necessity. The 24*7 work schedule, which we often need to keep, requires tremendous energy and vitality. Unless we are fit we cannot deliver our work to its fullest potential,” narrates Jain.

Commissioner of Police Sukesh Kumar Jain is a fitness enthusiast. He never forgets to steal some time for exercising from his busy routine

Promoting fitness through annual sports 

In an endeavor to promote health and fitness among the police force, Asansol-Durgapur Police Commissionerate organizes a two-day annual sports Event every year. This year the event was conducted on January 23 and 24. Speaking about the event Jain says, “We encourage people to participate in different activities such as athletics, long jump, javelin throw and many more. To encourage participants, prizes are also distributed to winners. The main idea is to promote the concept of staying fit no matter what. Also annual medical checkups are done to keep a tab on the health quotient of our police personnel. Nutritionists are called regularly to prescribe diet plans and patterns for staying fit. The two-day sports event, even though a short-span affair, duly emphasizes the importance of staying fit. However, we constantly encourage our teams to incorporate fitness activities in their daily schedule,” adds Sukesh Jain.

Men in uniform sweat it out in the tug of war competition
CP felicitating the Chief Guest
Women’s race organized at the 10th Annual Sports Meet 2021

It is axiomatic that health and fitness play a critical cog in policing which requires hard work, patience, persuasion, strength to face tough situations. A fit and agile body ensures better performance for the police which in turn helps them maintain law and order in best possible ways. Promotion of fitness by the police will also encourage others to adopt such behavior which in itself is now the need of the hour.

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