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Award-Winning Indian Lawyer associated with Netflix original


Celebrity divorce lawyer Vandana Shah is all set to associate with the soon-to-be-released Netflix movie Firebrand as divorce lawyer consultant, which has being produced by former Miss World & actor-singer-entrepreneur Priyanka Chopra.


A still from ‘Firebrand’


All over the world, tabloids, gossip channels and troll pages have always sought entertainment from high profile divorces. Notably, speculations and fabricated stories go hand in hand. The name or rather, brand Vandana Shah is very common to the circuit of celebrity divorces in India. Let’s not forget that she’s not only an award-winning lawyer, but also an author and a regular columnist. Her expertise on legal matters and knowledge is unparalleled. Quite recently, Vandana Shah, the Divorce Law Consultant will be coming on the silver screen. This time it is not about being a part of any panel discussion, but as divorce lawyer consultant with Netflix’s upcoming film Firebrand. It is produced by Priyanka Chopra and directed by the National Award winning director Aruna Raje.


A file photo of Ex-Files launch


Interestingly, Firebrand’s story revolves around a lawyer who deals with sexism and trauma. The real life Vandana Shah is also a firebrand personality and an inspiration. From a litigant to a lawyer, Shah spent 10 years it took to get the divorce in shaping herself as the foremost divorce lawyers in India. In fact, the BBC has made a documentary on her, Invisible Women of India, which was broadcast worldwide on Women’s Day.  Her bestselling book Ex Files was launched by the Hon’ble Attorney General of India Mukul Rohatgi and the Hon’ble Chief Justice of the Mumbai High Court. Ex Files, now part of the Judicial College syllabus, is a humorous take on divorce stories.


Vandana Shah with Union Cabinet Minister Arun Jaitley


While talking to Optimist, Shah noted, “Over the last few years, human relationships and especially, marriages have evolved a great deal. This complex reality makes it imperative that we realise the circumstantial changes around us, and work toward addressing the challenges in a bid to prevent a complete breakdown of marriage or a bitter divorce.”


Vandana Shah with Kiran Bedi, the first woman to join the IPS and present Lt. Governor of Puducherry


Regarding her association with Netflix’s Firebrand, she remarked, “I’m honoured and proud to be associated with the movie and grateful to Aruna Raje for trysting me in doing justice with the legal content of the movie.”

We wish Vandana Shah, a living icon, all the best for her association in Firebrand.


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