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Be strong, not just skinny, says fitness expert Jasmine Kashyap


Today’s hectic schedule takes its toll on the health of people across society and most of us do not follow a healthy lifestyle until things turn serious. But fitness expert, dietician-nutritionist and co-founder of Goodways Fitness of Delhi, Jasmine Kashyap, wants to change this.

Kashyap emphasises workout routines devised for a healthier and longer life.


Jasmine Kashyap is the co-founder of Goodways Fitness of Delhi


What workout routine should people opt for to live longer?

Jasmine believes that ‘exercise is very important and a meaningful part of one’s daily life. It should be incorporated into our daily routine. There is no ‘one-size-fit-all’ exercise routine that applies anymore to anyone.

“Exercise prevents health problems and improves quality of life. I decided to help out everyone achieve their fitness and lifestyle goals. Fitness in India is still a luxury. I want to work towards making it a necessity,” Jasmine adds.

Seven years ago, when Jasmine married Rahul Kashyap, they decided to develop techniques to make people more physically fit. Eventually, the results those same techniques reflected on their own mental and physical health led them to substantiate everything that they believe in today.



Jasmine is a certified practitioner of Les Mills (body combat and body balance) from the International Fitness Association (IFA) and Yoga from the Morarji Desai National Yoga Institute, besides holding various degrees in diet and nutrition.

Jasmine concludes, “Skinny is the new fad. For decades, women have spent hours at the gym trying to be skinny, but now, they seek real ‘strength’. Women today don’t want to just look fit, but also feel fit.”

The results you want from your workouts will not come out of a single training session, or one day of eating right. What is going to build the kind of body you want is ‘scientific workout with a holistic understanding of one’s body’.



At Goodways Fitness, Jasmine trains her clients in:

  • Exercises fundamental to living a well-balanced life
  • Workouts that excite and motivate people to work out
  • Scientific workoutsthat incorporate all dimensions — physical, emotional, mental and spiritual — through yoga, aerobics, Zumba, Bollywood aerobics, Steppers & Dumbells, Power Yoga and so on
  • Workouts well-mixed with yoga and meditation sessions to stimulate a complete body-mind connection
  • Programmes rich in variety and good for the muscles and cardiovascular system — aerobics, yoga, kick-boxing, Zumba and Step Aerobics to strength training to circuit training and functional training

“My goal is to achieve and maintain my client’s fitness of not just his or her body, but also the mind through choice of his or her workout,” remarks Jasmine.

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