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Bengal fandom beats virus scare to hold puja for Big B

Covid19 has already established itself as a very unsettling reality all over the world. In India, over 9 lakh are currently afflicted by the deadly virus. Constant guidelines about ‘staying at home’ and ‘wearing masks’ are being flashed, but despite all the precautions taken, infection rate is growing alarmingly. Being truly democratic the virus has made its presence felt in the tinsel town of Bollywood, by infecting none other than Big B Amitabh Bachchan – the mega star, deeply feted for his ‘angry young man’ image. Raising the concern, many of his family members have also tested positive. As the news of the Bachchan family’s virus infection spread like wildfire, wishes and prayers poured in from every corner of the country. The story of one such fan club has created ripples by holding regular puja for their favorite hero!  

All Bengal Amitabh Fan Association is conducting the Puja rigorously and praying for their speedy recovery

The All Bengal Amitabh Fan Association formed in 1972 and having 5000 active members who are devoted fans of Big B started hosting regular pujas for their hero right from July 11 – the day on which the media broke the news. The fans are praying for the speedy recovery of the actor and his family. Sanjay Patodia, the State Secretary of the fan club says “We are not just his fans, but we worship him as our lord or “Guruji”. For his speedy recovery we are conducting pujas on a regular basis by maintaining all the social distancing norms. All our 5000 members and their families are chanting the ‘Mahamrityunjai’ and ‘Om Namah Shivaay’ Mantras. While the priest visits the temple twice for performing Arati, we are praying from home constantly. We will keep praying till the day we get positive news about him and his family”.

This fan club was founded in the year 1972 and has more than 5000 members who treat Amitabh Bachchan as their Guruji

Apparently both senior and junior Bachchans are aware of these zealous fans from Bengal and have tweeted about them recently. “We will not just pray for him but also for the recovery of the entire country. We have a special Mangalkamona Aarti on August 2 – celebrated as his rebirth day after he had a major accident and recovered from coma on this day. We have also marked this day as World Fans day”, says a visibly proud Patodia.

The puja being performed by Big B’s well wishers

Beating the pandemic blues and alarming infection rates, fans of Big B have proved their supreme loyalty by walking the extra mile in their attempt to pray for their hero’s wellbeing. Long live the hero!

May Mr. Bachchan, his family and every infected individual get well soon!

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