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Bengalathon-2019: Bengal’s own tech contest to ease everyday life


‘Bengalathon’, a technology competition, is an initiative of the Department of Information Technology and Electronics, Government of West Bengal. It is a platform of opportunities for computer programmers and others involved in software development, including graphic designers, interface designers and project managers, to collaborate intensively on software projects. This event gives an opportunity to tech students, tech individuals and young start-ups to contribute to ideas or prototypes that will help shape the long-term policies of the state government. Bengalathon is onto its third year now after receiving a tremendous response in its two earlier editions. Till date, the platform holds as many as 1,500+ teams and has produced 250+ solutions.

Important Dates for Bengalathon-2019:

Registration and Concept Note Submission: August 15, 2019-September 25, 2019                                                                                                        Announcement of shortlisted participants for the final round: September 27, 2019

Grand Finale across the nation in all metros (Delhi-NCR, Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai & Kolkata, besides Pune and Hyderabad): November 5-8, 2019

Award distribution: November 15, 2019


Problem Statements:

  • Quick accident response: The solution should be able to distinguish ‘impact’ sounds when vehicles ram into each other on the road. The solution needs to be real-time and the nearest PCR van should be alerted, so that precious lives can be saved
  • Maximizing soil productivity: How we can improve soil health, ensure a healthy soil structure and maximize nutrition while minimizing soil loss
  • Open data platform: How to have access to all government schemes, standards, procedures and so on under one app
  • Smart-water metering: AI-ML enabled Smart-water metering to monitor water usage across areas and raise alarm in case of excessive and/or continuous water usage in a particular area
  • Water quality monitoring: software-enabled devices to monitor the quality of drinking water in schools, government institutions, municipalities and so forth
  • Health prediction: Software-enabled wearable devices for early prediction of lifestyle diseases
  • Citizen feedback system: Because of a lack of proper feedback system, government departments are unable to measure the success of public service schemes. How can technology-enabled solutions make the government aware of citizen feedback on public services?



  • Elderly care: How can technology-enabled solutions be developed to provide support to the elderly?
  • Face recognition: How can AI-based recognition system be developed for a hassle-free entry and exit management in different communities?
  • Solid waste management: Solid waste has been growing every day. How can a technology-enabled solution play a vital role in solid waste management?
  • Safe roads: Safer roads play a key role in safety of commuters. How can technology help identify road conditions in real-time?

Rewards & Recognition:

 First Prize: INR 5 Lakhs; Second Prize: INR 4 Lakhs; Third Prize: INR 3 Lakhs; Fourth-Sixth: INR 1 Lakh each; Seventh-Tenth: INR 50K each; Eleventh-Fifteenth: INR 25K each


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Problem Statement:

Competition Guidelines:

User Manual: ed.pdf

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