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Busting Myths Of Banking On High Grades For Jobs

Perfect grades and mark sheet are a boon, but does it guarantee a job? There is more to employers choosing candidates than their school and college grades. It is time to buck up for a whole new world at the workplace.



The Gap Between Bookish Knowledge And The Real-World

In modern times, different academic institutions are keen to impart standard and proper education to students from a young age. This is needed because students are gradually losing track of reality and detaching themselves from what is real. This hampers them in the long run.

Imparting education does not mean giving only bookish knowledge. Education is holistic which also requires helping students to be creative and innovative while imbibing out of the box thinking methods. These cognitive abilities allow students to face life and be job-ready when they go out into a competitive and fast-paced world.

Different subjects must be taught, however assessments that follow should also test students for their ability to understand and not just master memorization. Understanding subjects and out of the box ideas will take them a step further in their lives.



The Shortfall Of Grades And Marks  

Even today, top companies often look for picture perfect mark sheets, with the highest marks and good grades. Measuring one’s caliber and capabilities with marks and grade cards is common, despite being devoid of skills and attitudes required to cope with the pressure at the workplace.

Not investing time in cognitive training is cited as a number one reason by many companies for refusing candidates despite having the perfect resume in terms of marks. They are found lacking in basic conversational skills, the ability to generate solutions, the inability to make decisions or take initiative without direction.

There is demand by the top management for workers with a desire to collaborate, create, develop and build. They want people to think like entrepreneurs and generate solutions despite negative variables. It is about surviving despite the odds. Unfortunately, these skills are often defined by mark sheets.



Beyond Grades and Marksheets

Earlier education was defined as a means to an end, which is the mark sheet that would allow students a ticket out of their learning days. What happens after that and what about the future? Until there is an effort to change the present scenario, there will be no changes for future generations.

In the age of the internet, students sometimes tend to have more knowledge than their educators, but there should be an attempt to build a good base. This will help to define their foundation at the school, college and university level.

There must be thought put into changes made in order to give students a well-rounded perspective and hone important abilities of right exposure, understanding grey areas, importance of ethics and strategies, significance of time management and project management. Importance also needs to be given to work-home balance, managing relationships, complexity and conflicts and the ability to switch gears when the situation demands.

Education is not limited to giving student’s a bird’s eye view in the classroom, but to go more in-depth. It should enable them to take a closer look and build their own perspective, which will make them job ready and also teach values while instilling a stronger sense of responsibility.



Values Before Grades

 It is time to start ringing in some fundamental changes, recognizing the fact that marks alone do not define success. Changes should also happen as a parallel process by lawmakers, decision-makers in boards, school leaders and teachers. The onus will lie on students as well to make the best of the holistic exposure provided.

A perfect score is better when it leads to deeper understanding and outcomes. It surely helps to be an all-rounder complete with life skills.

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