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Chaitanya Davda and Mihir Turakhia, serial entrepreneurs launch Vocal For Local, a Social Commerce Mobile App

Chaitanya Davda and Mihir Turakhia launched Vocal For Local, a Social Commerce Mobile App with a single vision in mind – to enable home entrepreneurs to scale their businesses. There has never been a better or easier time to start and grow your own business as an entrepreneur than now.

Chaitanya Davda and Mihir Turakhia, Founders of Vocal for Local

A brief overview of Vocal for Local’s products and services:

• This Mobile App enables Home Entrepreneurs to sell their products across 3 categories – Food, Handicrafts and Beauty & Wellness Products.

• Users can discover & order a wide variety of products not only within their locality but across their city thereby supporting home businesses (currently only available in Mumbai)

• Enabling every household to have an additional source of income by providing & improving access to new customers beyond their immediate location.

• Providing the Sellers with – Payment Gateway, Online Dashboard, Flexibility in Delivery & Inventory and much more.

• Providing the Users with – Location based & dynamic product listing and several other user-friendly UI/UX features.

Vocal for Local for Android

On the launch of the app, Chaitanya Davda, Co-Founder, Vocal for Local, said, “One common misconception many budding entrepreneurs have is that scaling their business requires encompassing a multitude of fancy tricks or expensive methods. We launched Vocal for Local as a unique, exclusive, one-stop platform for connecting buyers and sellers of homemade products and in turn gave these entrepreneurs a platform to scale their business. Growing a home business from zero to seven figures is complicated, but it’s more than possible. While every business and brand is different, there are always going to be important factors to consider in regards to how you want your business to perform and succeed. Use Vocal for Local and you will be able to better navigate a complicated process. Best of all, you will build a strong brand from the ground up.”

Mihir Turakhia, Co-Founder, Vocal for Local, added “Remember that every major company was a start up at some point. The Indian market for home entrepreneurs is fragmented, unorganized and without great visibility resulting in them being unable to grow beyond a point. We built Vocal for Local keeping in mind two important aspects; create a value proposition for the growing Indian passion for local home-grown products and address the social cause of women empowerment and home entrepreneurship. Our app supports all homemade categories as we go beyond the most common food category and include handicrafts, beauty & wellness products as well”.

Reasons to launch Vocal for Local now include:

  • The pandemic has given rise to several home entrepreneurs
  • Women are getting more enterprising and independent
  • Supportive government policies like Make In India and Vocal For Local
  • Provide a single platform for people to turn their hobbies into a thriving business

Some of the brands/sellers available on Vocal for Local include:

  • Bri’s Kitchen – specializes in various global cuisines like Mexican, Italian, Indian, Lebanese and Japanese food
  • The Bloomsbury Place – artisanal chocolates and more
  • Healthy Belly – Healthy wraps, pastas and more
  • Wicked gourmet kitchen by Mirai – various dips and sauces
  • Mars Bakery – Korean baked goodies
  • Whiffs Of Nature – Beautiful & fragrant handmade soaps

About Vocal for Local

Vocal for Local is a Social Commerce Mobile App and platform that enables home entrepreneurs to scale their businesses. We are ever-evolving, expanding and growing our product listings as we keep on boarding new sellers. So far we have reached 9000+ downloads in just over 3 months with 200+ sellers and more than 2,000 handmade & homemade products made with love. Support our community of sellers and help achieve our aim of “Home Hongey Kaamyaab”!

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