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Changing Lifestyles Affect Children-Parent Healthcare Concerns

The children relationship has been affected overall with changing lifestyles in modern times. There is an existing gap in parental care and the support they receive form the children. However, did you know compared to the rest of India, Kolkata ranks high when it comes to children being concerned about the well-being of their elderly parents?



  • Kolkata Ranks High In Health Concerns For The Eldery

In a survey on Kolkata by Aditya Birla Health Insurance Company Limited revealed that 99% of children are more worried about their parent’s health as opposed to 86% nationally. Also, 62% parent respondents have admitted that their children care a lot about their health and call at least once a week as compared to 50% nationally. A third factor is that 62% children respondents reach out to their nearby relatives and friends as compared to 36% nationally to secure the safety of their parents. Interestingly, almost 67% children from Kolkata rely on full-time house-help to ensure their parents well-being in their absence as compared to 39% nationally.

  • The Cost Factor

There is of course a cost involved pertaining to health issues. 80% parent respondents in Kolkata stated that they wouldn’t mind reaching out to their children for financial reasons as they expect them to support their parents. Almost 59% of the children respondents from Kolkata have made financial plans for medical emergencies as compared to 47% nationally.

However, all is not perfect when it comes to the scenario insurance for elderly in Kolkata. The survey also revealed that 67% children from Kolkata rely on full-time house-help to ensure their parents well-being in their absence as compared to 39% nationally which is a positive step.

  • The Lacunae  

The downside is that 48% of the children respondents from Kolkata are unaware about their parents’ health check-up routine as compare to 11% nationally. 41% of parent respondents admitted that they do not disturb their children as they are already burdened with work as compared to 25% nationally. The study revealed that almost 38% parent respondents in Kolkata admitted that do not have a health insurance policy because they cannot afford it owing to high premiums which is almost double the national responses of 17%.


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These statistics give a basic idea of concerns by children as regards healthcare and insurance for their parents. Infact CEO of ABHICL Mr.Mayank Bathwal says that being a caregiver to his parents, he knows how the Indian children are worried about the health and wellness about their parents.


Mr. Mayank-Bathwal, CEO-Aditya-Birla-Health-Insurance-Co-Ltd.


Keeping these concerns of healthcare for their parents and the cost factor, Aditya Birla Group has a plethora of products, from which people can choose which caters most to their needs. The initiative taken by ABHICL is a joint venture between the Aditya Birla Capital Limited(ABCL) and Momentum Metropolitan Strategic Investments (Pty) Ltd of South Africa.

ABCL is the holding company for financial services businesses of the Aditya Birla Group which deals with Protecting, Investing and giving Financing solutions. MMI Holdings on the other hand deals with chronic care and incentive wellness.

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