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Tripura: A bike that promotes ‘Social Distancing’


Necessity is the mother of invention, which the global lockdown seems to be depicting. In the North Eastern state of Tripura, Partha Saha who a mechanic by profession has made a battery run motocycle which keeps a distance of one meter between the rider and the pillion-rider.

Saha along with his daughter enjoyed the bike ride while testing it and hope to send out a message to people around them. Saha who hails from Pal para of Aralia, in Agartala town thought of this initiative now that the lockdown is on and the World Health Organization(WHO) is stressing on maintaining social distance.

“Since a long time I was thinking of making a bike which will maintain social distance among two people, who will be on the vehicle. One thing that was on my mind was, how can I go outside with my daughter on the motocycle maintaining social distancing during the lockdown? Now me and my daughter use the motocycle and we go outside for a ride on this.” Said Partha Saha.
Saha goes on to say that all he required was one motor of 750 watt and lithium battery and that he spent just one day to make this invetion.

The bike took 2 to 3 hours to charge the battery and this bike can go for 80 kilometers after charging for one, claimed Saha.  

Saha’s mother Mira is also happy after watching the achievement of her son. “I am happy after watching my son’s achievement. My son had an inclination with mechanical instruments from his childhood.” Says Mira Saha.
Once the lockdown is lifted, social distancing will still be the norm and with Saha’s perfect invention, he can now zip across town freely with his daughter and set a positive example.

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