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Know How Kolkata Police Is Redefining Women Safety Through Project Tejaswini

Women and their safety..

People all over the world are aware of the various dangers that women go through, whether molestation, or physical abuse, trafficking, killing and much more. And the situation is getting worse by the day. Now, the primary focus is to ensure a safe and protected environment for women and, to achieve this, numerous steps and reforms are being taken up and policies being framed.

Rules and regulations are becoming stricter and sharper. Uniform vigilance is being implemented, too. Apart from this, various camps are being arranged, especially for women, to provide them with proper training to ensure that they are able to face any situation and overcome them.

Glimpses of women participating in the Sukanya Project

Recent workshops…

  • Last year, the Sukanya Project earned much praise. The workshop focused on giving women ‘the taekwondo demonstration’, a popular martial arts form.
  • A couple of days ago, Jeet Kune Do, a workshop on martial arts, was organized by famous Sifu Guru Riddhi Dutta, a martial arts expert.
  • In 2018, the Kolkata Press Club organized a three-day workshop, where all the journalists were trained in self-defence, keeping in mind the safety of girls who travelled alone in the city, so that they could to protect themselves from goons and attackers. It is important that they have knowledge and practice of some safe techniques to help them stay safe.

Tejashwini — for all the women out there…

  • After the success of the Sukanya Project last year, Kolkata Police (KP) is all set to roll out another workshop on women’s safety.
  • The workshop is not just to highlight women’s safety and security, but also to give them adequate training in martial arts and self-defence techniques.
  • The first edition of Tejashwini, a five-day workshop, was organized by KP from May 19-23, 2018. It was immensely successful and witnessed the participation of over 350 women aged between 26 and 30 from different schools, colleges and other fields. This encouraged KP to come up with the second edition of Tejashwini, now with more enthusiasm.
Martial arts training going on in full swing. Picture Courtesy: Google.

Highlights of 2nd Edition of Tejashwini, 2019…

  • The 2nd edition of Tejashwini will start on November 23 and continue till November 27. Participants can register through the Kolkata Police’s official website.
  • The workshop will continue for five days and will be held from 8.00am to 10.00am.
  • This time, the project wants to encompass citizens and policewomen, as well, who will participate and get training in self-defence.
  • The workshop will take place at the Police Athletic Club, opposite the East Bengal Club.


We, at The Optimist News, feel the Kolkata Police have taken a big step, which is highly commendable and worth appreciating. We hope this workshop turns out to be a huge success like the previous one and more and more women get special training in various self-defence courses. We think such workshops as these should be arranged more often to bring into the limelight the safety of women in Bengal.

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