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Congress crossed all limits during Covid: Narendra Modi

In a strongly-worded speech, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday targeted the Indian National Congress on the floor of the Lok Sabha and said the party was trying to score political points even at the time of Covid-19. “The Congress Party has crossed all limits in this time of COVID-19,” Modi said.

The Prime Minister was speaking during the Budget session of Parliament.

PM Modi also said, “During the first wave, when people were following lockdowns, Covid guidelines were suggesting that people stay where they are, but the Congress was standing in Mumbai station and scaring innocent people.”

In a veiled attack against the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government in power in Delhi, he added, “The government in Delhi also encouraged people to run away to their villages. What kind of politics is that?” Incidentally, the AAP is contesting the forthcoming Assembly elections in Punjab.

Targeting the Opposition parties in general, Modi said, “If we are talking about being vocal for local, are we not fulfilling the dreams of Mahatma Gandhi? Then, why was it being mocked by the Opposition? We talked about Yoga and Fit India, but that was mocked by the Opposition too.”

In an obvious reference to the Congress-led UPA government, which lost out to the BJP, PM Modi added, “Some leaders are stuck in 2014. Sometimes, the Congress’ activities make me feel that they are not interested in coming to power in 100 years.”

Modi’s attack on Congress comes at a time when several states in the country, including Punjab and Uttar Pradesh, are gearing up to elect new Assemblies.

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