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Corona Survivors Club – West Bengal administration’s attempt to promote inclusivity and responsible behaviour

WHO says, “An ‘infodemic’ of misinformation and rumours is spreading more quickly than the current outbreak of the new coronavirus (COVID-19). This contributes to negative effects including stigmatization and discrimination of people from areas affected by the outbreak. We need collective solidarity and clear, actionable information to support communities and people affected by this new outbreak.”

The declaration form to be filled up by the Corona Survivor in order to join the club

Pervasive uncertainty, apprehension and fear regarding the pandemic are fuelling harmful stereotypes in our country whereby people affected with Coronavirus are literally being ostracized and frowned upon. This aggravates the situation by further agonizing the already suffering patients and their near ones. Psychologists hold the nature of the disease as responsible for the stigmatization. They feel that it’s the newness of the disease and its unknown facts which are leading towards fear and in turn generating stigma.

The Corona Survivors Club has been launched to pay respect to all the survivors who have fought this deadly disease
recently, the Covid patients are ostrocized from the rest of the people. the club has been launched with several protocols which will help them to survive in the society with respect

Addressing this issue, the Government of India has already laid out clear rules and protocols about the ways of dealing with Covid19 patients. Each such message promoted by means of multiple channels of communiqués, unequivocally advise us not to be afraid of the disease or discriminate against the people affected by the ongoing pandemic.

Murshidabad Police team along with other notable personalities were present during the meeting.

Bringing home this point more emphatically, Murshidabad Police organized a campaign on June . Notable personalities like – Mukesh, DIG Murshidabad, K. Sabari Rajkumar, SP Murshidabad, Y. Raghuvamsi, SP Jangipur, Anish Sarkar, Additional SP, Tanmoy Sarkar, Additional SP, Prashanta Biswas Chief Heath Secretary, Manju Bandhopadhyay, Principal, Murshidabad Medical College and Hospital, Dr Amarendra Nath Roy of Murshidabad Medical College and Hospital, and Dr. Jogiraj Rai of Beliaghata ID Hospital – were present in the conference to share insights on the deeply disturbing issue of stigmatizing and ostracizing Covid19 affected individuals and their families.  Jogiraj Rai spoke in details about the prevention of the infection and ways to stay safe and protected.

The main focus behind the formation of the Survivors club is to ensure that this social stigma related to covid and covid no longer exists in the society.

Launching the Corona Survivors Club was another crucial cog of the seminar. The seminar hailed all the survivors of Covid19 virus as ‘Warriors’ and invited them to join the Corona Survivors Club. The idea of the club is to promote inclusivity and raise voice against any kind of discrimination of Covid survivors.

Police and Healthcare Professionals of West Bengal have joined hands to lead this initiative from the front so as to spread awareness on the right kind of information and make the society more accepting towards the virus survivors. The seminar ended with participants taking back home some very pertinent knowledge and ‘to do’s’ regarding social behaviour and treatment of the pandemic affected people.

The take home nuggets include treating survivors with dignity instead of discrimination and also with utmost care. It should be a collective responsibility to create an enabling atmosphere for them to go back and lead their normal lives. Appropriate training of people treating the patients is critical to ensure proper care of patients and their families. Social isolation of the survivors is a big no! And last but not the least, the fact that Corona can be defeated must be made a widely accepted and established truth.

Facts and Source: Facebook Page

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