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Covid boost to click clinics

Amid the pandemic, web-based real-time medical consultancy has gained huge ground to tap patients from across the globe, giving new meaning and direction to telemedicine 

Telemedicine as a system improves access to both emergency and routine medical care in the remote parts of the world and reduces the need for patients to travel to seek the same. Medisoft Telemedicine Private Limited is a momentous research-based development company that emphasises on Telemedicine and eHealth development. While focussing on technologies that are beginning to revolutionise conventional healthcare model, their esteemed clinical telemedicine system “Tele Doctor” has materialised as a mature product and has been widely accepted. 

Devendra Patel, the founder and director of Medisoft Telemedicine Private Limited, always had a knack for pursuing medicine. After extensive market studies, he considered the changing demand of the medical industry worldwide and owing to the scarcity and demand of telemedicine products, he initiated Medisoft. Telehealth ‘champions’ are enthusiastic individuals who initiate and promote the uptake of telehealth services. While toiling towards the fabrication of this company, Patel and his colleagues consulted such ‘champions’ who had a grip on the theoretical concepts of telemedicine but lacked a cost-effective way to fulfil their objective. Their efforts proved fruitful as after discussions and online demonstrations, they successfully installed telemedicine in Pakistan in 2004 that paved the way for successful endeavours under this company worldwide.


Devendra Patel, the founder and director of Medisoft Telemedicine Private Limited

Challenges towards fulfilment 

Patel attributes “the lack of acceptability, connectivity and human resources are the stumbling blocks in this field” but with commitment, there’s always a way to success and that has been proved unerring since in March 2020 telemedicine has been legalised by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR). The rapid spread of Coronavirus, besides natural hazards across the globe, has highlighted the much-needed change in doctor-patient psychology as telemedicine has become the roadmap to future treatments. In this dire time of crisis, when quarantining oneself is the only way to survive and strive through, the world is steadily adjusting to newer methods and telemedicine has proved paramount in that. With changing mind-set and better Internet services, the world is finally ready to embrace and utilise fresh concepts. 

Positivity is key: 

“The leeway for telemedicine worldwide is gradually increasing,” says Patel while pondering over how in present circumstances, companies are enthusing their employees to take part in webinars and virtual meetings. With the increasing crowd at online websites, people are realising how effective telemedicine is and that online consultation is the future. While stating the ideal example of PPE kits and how countries have started manufacturing them in Covid times, he says lack of medical equipment is the hurdle telemedicine business had been facing for long and using imported ones constricted its growth as the cost increased by almost 25 percent but with changing times and growth of companies, the scenario would improve for good. 

Procedure of treatment

Growth of start-ups: 

Being well-skilled, Patel is a pioneer in the start-up business. “We, the convoys of the start-up business, are always over-enthusiastic about its positive aspects and how crucial it is in today’s world,” he says. The medical field has always been one to go through the least of revolution but taking into consideration the change in banking services with the introduction of IT companies, he urges: “Change is a constant and nowadays, we don’t visit the bank every time we avail their services.” Thus, online consultations will become the new norm in post-Covid world where anyone from anywhere can avail necessary services while maintaining social distancing. “In the face of an existential crisis, we all are equally vulnerable and in need of care,” says Patel, urging youths to institute ideas that can help us survive better and to spread them worldwide so that it can bring comfort and joy in the remotest of areas. 

Patel’s book Telemedicine was written in collaboration with Dr. Sanjeev Mehta with the sole purpose of spreading awareness among health workers and students as an “introduction to telemedicine” and it has been acclaimed worldwide. His journey is proof as to how one must adjust to the given circumstances, learn to work within limitations and try to bring out the best from it.  

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