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Creating Awareness On Eco-Friendly Furniture

ABID Interior Fair, 2020 at the Science City ground in Kolkata.
The interiors at the fair were mesmerizing and managed to turn heads

It is always aesthetic to have a wooden touch to an indoor décor and it does not always have to be about cutting down several trees. Eco friendly furniture is now a reality with a high end aluminium and UPVC window system, which is Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride Windows. “Our furniture is completely eco-friendly, because we understand the importance of saving nature and environment. So we have created doors and windows which look like wood and have wooden polish, but are made of other alternatives such as UPVC, Aluminium.” Says Shitij Khemka from the brand Zenera, a part of the Balajee Aluminium Glazing Pvt Ltd. Khemka also showed the curtain walls, aluminium composite panels and sliding openable doors and windows of his house as an example of being unique in the country.

Eco friendly initiatives are making people more environment conscious. Environmentalists are working towards creating awareness on eco-friendly initiatives and companies are looking for solutions which cater to the needs of people and at the same time lead to sustainable development. All across the globe, measures are been taken to reduce deforestation and shift to eco friendly materials. The Government of West Bengal is also taking a lot of Green initiatives such as which are of immense importance everywhere. We see the massive destruction of forests and this is causing an overall change to the environment. Thus, it is important to keep a balance and to strike a good equilibrium between sustainable envir4omnment and good living. Therefore among all the initiatives taken by the government, West Bengal is keen towards introducing eco friendly furniture which is not only done after keeping in mind the luxury, but at the same time understanding the importance of green environment.

ABID Interiors Fair:

Recently at the ongoing ABID Interiors fair at Science City from 18th to 24th of January, there were several stalls from well-known interiors decorators to highlight the importance of eco-friendly furniture which can be aesthetic too. Tata Steel which has it’s signature brand Tata Pravesh markets their products saying that every 2 Tata Pravesh doors saves a tree. “Our doors and windows are 4 times more secure than wooden doors. They are made of steel, but the look and feel of the doors are of polished wooden doors. It is important to protect the nature but we are doing it wisely.” Said Xavier Sanju Ghosh, Business Manager of Tata Pravesh.

“We try to provide eco Friendly furniture but we try to ensure that the quality is not compromised.” Says Nandan Singhania, owner of the brand Polysash UPVC windows and door systems. He stresses on the importance of handmade doors and windows which are made by skilled workers in factories. He also says his company is designing furniture with European Standard windows, which are also made of UPVC.

The Future Of Eco-Friendly Furniture:

The increasing growing trend in housing and furniture is directly proportional to deforestation which has raised an alarm. The Indian furniture business is estimated to be roughly worth Rs.35,000 crores and is growing at a rate of 20% annually. This offers scope for innovative eco-friendly solutions and people are slowly opening up to considering greener alternatives.

Tata Steel introduced the concept of eco-friendly furniture, via its own brand TATA Pravesh- which focuses on saving trees and creating doors and windows out of steel with a wooden finish.
Nandan Singhania, owner of the brand Polysash, which is known for eco-friendly furniture based on UPVC windows and door systems
The brand Zenera is known for its first -of -its -kind, UPVC based upward sliding windows, in India which are mostly common abroad.

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