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Dr Atish Laddad’s Docterz brings health tech solutions for parents and healthcare experts


Created under the leadership of Dr Atish Laddad, Docterz is a digital child healthcare platform shaped by a group of skilled paediatricians which aims at creating nuance-based health tech solutions for parents. Docterz captures and addresses various parental queries relevant to various health issues affecting children and makes an effort to bridge the gap between analogue and virtual healthcare consulting, analysing and treatment. It creates practical health tech platforms that can effortlessly complement healthcare providers and parents in everyday life.



This initiative is focused on streamlining the entire medical process for health practitioners and patients alike. The main aim of the Docterz platform is to build multiple platforms — all targeted at reforming the entire paediatric health zone.  Docterz has introduced a range of sub-specialty apps, such as Docterz App, Docterz Reception, Docterz Queues, Docterz at School and the yet-to-be-launched Docterz At Lab — all under one roof.

Considering the various hassles faced by round-the-clock working health experts, such as managing clinics, dealing with busy schedules and efficiently handling patients, the Docterz App, through its tech-savvy features, helps reorganize the entire healthcare process for medical experts. The digital podium also enables patients to acknowledge that an app can add value to their lives by effortlessly addressing multiple health issues in a compact time frame. This platform is all about the virtues of first-rate technology made by doctors for doctors.

Such platforms help medical experts in paediatrics solve problems competently and, at the same time, add more value to vital aspects of a patient’s health. The time-saving and user-friendly virtual medium works offline, as well as online, so helping doctors deliver medical prescriptions in a much-shorter time span.

The Docterz Reception App has been crafted to reduce the workload faced by receptionists working at the desk. By bringing about a major change to the everyday clinic scenario that is witnessed, the user-friendly app enables receptionists function from their smartphones to make appointments, manage billing processes and upload doctors’ prescriptions, so reducing a pile of paperwork.



The Docterz Queues App determines the estimated time of appointment for a patient and helps them plan their schedule accordingly.

The Docterz at School App is essentially a tech platform that a paediatrician, dentist or ophthalmologist can operate on and is built in a very comprehensive way. It converts non-scientific facts into scientific data and the reports generated are very easy to understand. This initiative by Docterz was started with the aim of engaging schools in promoting child healthcare on their premises. The brand intends to set up critical care units at all schools across India. It is a holistic programme to ensure that the physical, mental, emotional and psychological health quotient of a child is taken care of thoroughly.

It will also equip schools with an emergency team comprising Paediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) trained nurses on school campuses after tying up with nearby paediatric hospitals and intensivist teams. Docterz at School uses the right infrastructure, documentation and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) designed by a medico-legal team of lawyers and doctors to maintain a high standard of health safety and security by making schools medico-legal-compliant.

This doctor-cum-patient-friendly application is set to infiltrate the medical field and has a significant role to play in improving child health countrywide.


Dr. Atish Laddad, Founder & Director at Docterz


Dr Atish Laddad, founder-director of Docterz, has been a practising paediatrician for over 10 years. He has been instrumental in shaping the super-specialty paediatric departments at Kohinoor Hospital and Zen Hospital, Mumbai.

A strong believer in the Indian healthcare story, Dr Atish contributes with his domain knowledge and experience. He has been featured by Beyond Exclamation — an international magazine that profiles contributors to their respective fields — as one of the top contributors to the EHR-EMR field.

Having built Docterz as a SAAS platform for doctors to connect with their patients and Docterz at School, a hybrid platform to make schools safer, Dr Atish is keen on mentoring health tech start-ups to make an impact on their domains.

An avid marathoner, his core interest lies in exploring and executing novel and path-breaking ideas.

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