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Dr. Gita Dey : Safe-Keeper Of The Society

She is a doctor with a difference. Meet Dr.Gita Dey who has come forward to hold basic consultation for people at the Kolkata traffic Police booth near Kalighat crossing thrice a week. Her consultation charges are minimal while also she also provides a helping hand to the traffic Police.

With a questionable shift in moral and cultural ethics of society in modern times, it is like a breath of fresh air to come across such Samaritans who depict acts of humanity.


Why Patients Walk-In

Dr.Dey checks blood pressure and sugar level of patients along with a detailed analysis of the report to any willing passerby for a nominal fee of Rs40. However, her regular consultation fees at her chamber is Rs.100-150 on an average. The idea is for her consultation to be economical for financially challenged people.

“Profit was never my motive. As long as I am being able to help people, I am satisfied. Whatever minimal amount I earn from here is invested back into buying and maintaining medical supplies and equipment.”, said Dr.Dey while carefully strapping the blood-pressure checking equipment on a patient’s arm.


Dr Dey works for the greater good of the people and treats people through a low-cost treatment process. She is indeed a symbol of the goodwill of Humanity.


Her Philosophy

An ardent follower of Swami Vivekananda, she started her career in a well-reputed private medical hospital. Due to the sky-high treatment costs, she quit her job at the hospital back in 2003. She went on to provide a series of free medical checkups in backward areas of West Bengal for the next couple of years. Dr.Dey then joined hands with Kolkata Police and ever since has been providing medical assistance while holding awareness programs for Kolkata Police.

“There are many imminent personalities like Swami Vivekananda and Raja Ram Mohan Roy, whose contributions to society make my efforts look like a speck of dust when compared to them. Society at every point needs people to safe-guard it. Hence I am doing my bit and trying to be content with my efforts”, added Dr.Dey.


Help Is Just A Minute Away!

“Gita Di also helps out during emergency medical situations. A lot of small accidents happen in a busy crossing like Kalighat where pedestrians are injured. If not for Gita Di’s immediate medical attention, these injuries would have turned grave. Her efforts are commendable and awe-inspiring”, commented a local Traffic Police posted at the crossing.


Very few people can take up such an initiative to quit their job and work for the society. Dr Gita Dey is such an exception. The above-mentioned picture shows her treating an injured old man at a very minimal cost.


Recently a video garnered a lot of attention on social media which shows a dainty figure of Dr.Dey standing near a busy crossing, creating awareness on safety over the loud-speaker. ‘Do not talk on mobile while driving. Do not try to overtake and rash drive. Safe drive and Save Life!’ Were some of the slogans that could be heard.


Facts and Figures

According to statistics release by Kolkata Traffic Police, talking over mobile phones while driving constitutes 38.4% for rampant road accidents in the city in 2018.

Such efforts by Dr.Dey should not only inspire but also motivate more people to come out and safe guard the society in their own way.

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