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Kolkata Police – AMRI Hospitals join hands to scale up vaccination in the city

While the country battles the second wave of Covid, Kolkata Police along with AMRI Hospitals, one of the leading hospital chains in Eastern India have launched a one of a kind vaccination drive across the city. With vaccination drives multiplying across states to lower the rate of infections, Kolkata too has taken a step in getting their citizens vaccinated through their unique drive-by vaccination campaign which will allow people to be vaccinated while avoiding the hospital crowd.

Get vaccinated in the comforts of your car

The initiative has been started at three locations namely Kolkata Police Athletic Club, Ajoynagar Service Road and Tala park traffic training school. The prerequisites of getting the first jab of Covishield are as follows:

·         All must be registered under COWIN and over 18 years of age

·         People taking vaccine must be in four wheelers

·         Recipients need to come to any one of the three stops mentioned above in order to get the first jab of the vaccine.

·         Post vaccination recipients have to wait in their respective vehicles for 30 minutes before leaving the spot 

·         Timings are from 10 am to 6 pm

·         Cost of first jab is 850

·         Any one identification document is to be provided at the spot

Drive -by Vaccination launched by AMRI Hospitals and Kolkata Police

Speaking on the success of the campaign, Mr Rupak Barua, CEO of AMRI Dhakuria, Kolkata, said “Since the starting of our vaccination program from 16 January we observed that many people, particularly senior citizens, do not want to come to hospitals for inoculation as they fear they might get infected with Covid. Many of them requested if they could be vaccinated at the comfort of their home instead of going out. Since we do not have the authority or condition to go for home vaccination we joined hands with Kolkata Police for organising this mass vaccination program, where common people can come for inoculation.  We are charging a standard rate, the same as that of the hospital.”

Drive by and take your jab

According to a senior officer from the Kolkata Police Department this is a brilliant initiative on the part of Kolkata Police and AMRI Hospital since many people, especially elderly, are reluctant to step out and take vaccines amidst the second wave. “Currently it has started in one spot and will continue in the next few spots in the upcoming few weeks. Recipients will have to wait in their respective cars for 30 minutes to see if there is any reaction. Doctors are available on spot to closely monitor the recipients. The response we have received is encouraging and we wish to continue the initiative and are hopeful that we will be able to inoculate many people through this drive”.

Senior citizens getting jabbed

A mass vaccination drive like this, has the potential to make the vaccination process easier and quicker for people of all age groups. Let’s look forward to more encouraging drives across the city in the days to come.  

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