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Eastern Command Gears Up For Annual Homage To Valiant Heroes


Dec 16 is celebrated as Vijay Diwas to commemorate the victory of the Indian Armed Forces alongwith Mukti-Bahini over Pakistan. This historic military victory resulted in Pakistan ceding control of then East Pakistan thus paving the way for the birth of the sovereign nation of Bangladesh. This day marks the culmination of an epic war unparalleled in history, when India stood against the tide of times and fought for the principles of “Freedom and Equality” that helped millions of Bangladeshis realise their cherished dream of an independent nation.


Vijay Diwas is an event in which the Indian Army pays tribute to the martyrs.


Vijay Diwas epitomizes the resolve of our nation and the valour of our men in uniform many of whom made the supreme sacrifice in the true traditions of the Armed Forces. This great military achievement would not have been possible without the help and support of the Mukti-Jodhas and the population of Bangladesh who made immense sacrifices and had to bear inhuman deprivation and sufferings during the war.

Eastern Command has traditionally been celebrating this day as a mark of respect to the fallen heroes of the Indian Armed forces and Mukti-Jodhhas who made this victory possible. This day is celebrated as a day of remembrance of those who sacrificed their lives during the 1971 Liberation War of Bangladesh.


Every year the Vijay Diwas is celebrated to remember the martyrs who gave up their lives during the 1971 war of Bangladesh.


This year as is the norm, a Bangladeshi delegation of Mukti-Jodhas and their families along with serving senior Bangladesh Armed Forces officers are participating in the celebrations at Fort William, Kolkata. There would be opportunity to interact with them at the Albert Ekka auditorium on Dec 15. The celebrations commencing with Military Band concert (Dec 13&14) at Princep Ghat and Military Tattoo ( Dec 14 & 15) at the c, Red Road Marathon on Dec 15, would culminate on Dec 16 by the solemn wreath laying at Vijay Smarak.


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