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Entrepreneurs should use India’s masses as strength, says 3rdGen bizman Hemil Parikh

Elysium Abodes LLP is a luxury design and construction company started by Hemil Parikh and Isha Parikh. It was incorporated on March 4, 2015. As a third-generation entrepreneur, Hemil Parikh has carried forward the core values he inherited and branched out through Water Inc., a leading solution provider for waterproofing systems. Thereafter, his passion for luxury homes and global travel led to the inception of Elysium Abodes LLP — Design and Build Company focusing on providing a uniquely world-class lifestyle to Indians. Team Optimist spoke to him on his journey with Elysium Abodes LLP. Excerpts…


Team Optimist: As an entrepreneur why did you choose luxury home-building and construction?

Hemil Parikh: Passion for a luxury lifestyle has been an integral part of my being. Luxury homes have fascinated me for many years and I feel Indian citizens certainly deserve an upgrade in their lifestyle today. Home is considered a very prized possession in our country and it’s one of those things that don’t happen more than twice or thrice in a lifetime. So, we felt we should make this experience worthwhile for our end-users and provide them with something that’s truly out of this world.


Hemil Parikh founded Elysium Abodes LLP along with Isha Parikh

Team Optimist: You began your journey with Water Inc., a leading solution provider for waterproofing systems. How has your experience of working in this sector been?

Hemil Parikh: It’s been a very interesting journey with waterproofing, where we were on the functioning side of the business and aesthetics didn’t come into play. However, we understood the prime importance of waterproofing systems at an early stage to restore and maintain beautiful homes and a healthy lifestyle. We saw a gradual shift from the unorganized sector to an organized one, where we came across a lot of construction chemical companies sprouting in the past 15 years.


Team Optimist: In India, affordable housing is a much-debated topic. Do you think that, in the near future, affordable luxury homes will become a reality in real estate?

Hemil Parikh: Affordable housing is certainly the need of the hour. With India’s development at all levels, it’s morally important to shift slum-dwellers into permanent homes for better sanitation and living standards in India. In my opinion, luxury is a very relative word. What’s luxury for one may be a necessity for another. So, when we talk about affordable luxury homes, it’s very important to ensure good sanitation facilities, fresh air, natural light and smooth water and power supply. This is certainly coming up in a big way and is the future of the growing Indian economy.



Team Optimist: Is Elysium Abodes LLP concentrating on Indian metro cities, or targeting Tier-II and III cities, as well?

Hemil Parikh: We’re targeting Tier-II and Tier-III cities because we feel these are the areas where people don’t have the same exposure as in the metro cities. People there are unaware of what money can really buy. We seek to give our customers a lifestyle leap for more or less the same amount of money.


Team Optimist: From chalking out a blueprint to execution, how do you go ahead as a team while executing a project?

Hemil Parikh: We spend a lot of time initially with our clients to know their existing lifestyle, their individual needs and their tastes. We also do a thorough recce of the demographics of the area where we’ll build a house to ensure we provide something that’ll adapt to the surrounding conditions.



Team Optimist: Being a third-generation entrepreneur, what do you think is the key to becoming a successful bizman in India?

Hemil Parikh: Vision is the key for any entrepreneur. I strongly believe that India holds huge potential and, no matter how rough and dark the tunnel may seem, there certainly is light at the other end. I feel entrepreneurs should use India’s population as a strength because, with a strong product or service, you’ll never be short of business.


Team Optimist: What are your future projects? Are you adding any specific element to the current real estate projects?  

Hemil Parikh: We’re currently working on a luxury vacation home project in Goa which houses 3 uber luxury villas — each with a private pool, a courtyard and a garden. We’re also building some second homes in Alibaug, considered the Hamptons of Mumbai, for those seeking more space, serenity and weekend getaways from the concrete jungle.

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