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This is how the Howrah City Police celebrated Christmas with Denizens

Written by The Optimist

Christmas celebrations by various units of HPC :

Christmas Celebration continues in full swing

Christmas is the time of merrymaking everywhere. The different units of Howrah City Police Commission organized a lovely celebration on the occasion of Christmas, where they invited members of the public, shrodha members, children and loving special children to come and participate.

Children of different age groups were asked to come and enjoy the celebration.



The event was not just focused towards the children, but it was equally directed towards the elderly people of the society and the public.


The Howrah City Police Team jointly distributed sweet packets to all the elderly people of the society from different households


The elderly people were given a lot of care and were distributed sweets and other food packets


The HPC distributed sweets and cakes to everyone and ensured everyone enjoyed to their fullest. Thios was indeed a good inititaive on the part of the HPC.


Cakes abd other gift hampers were distributed to all the children


The children really seemed to enjoy every bit of the celebration


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