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‘Fit India Movement’ Dominates Sports Day Theme At The Apeejay School Annual Sports Meet


The ‘Fit India Movement’ inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi this year was the theme at the Apeejay School annual sports meet which saw more than 2500 students participate in the events.

Held on 13th and 14th December, students of Apeejay School park street campus and salt lake campus were part of the event at the Sports Authority of India Complex. The annual sports meet 2019 was a two-day event with the first day being for the senior school and second day for the junior school. Both branches of Apeejay School.


Students from the Junior and senior level of the Apeejay school, Park street campus, participated in the two-day event of the Annual Sports Meet at the Sports Authority of India complex.


Events That Followed

The sports meet started with the head boys and head girls of both the schools and sports captains of both the school, along with guests, lighting up the torch. The torch symbolizes Peace, Friendship and Hope.


There were different types of sports that followed in the event such as relay race, sprints and hurdles race. Students of different ages participated in the event.


Events like march past, relay race, sprints, hurdles race, shot put and theme walk saw children exhibiting sportsmanship. “I wish all the children a very best and may they be successful in showing true sportsmanship,” said Rita Chatterjee, Principal of Apeejay School.

The Annual Sports day event witnessed the participation of many students, on the occasion of the ‘Fit India Movement’.


The principal of Apeejay School, Ms Rita Chatterjee along with the winners of the Annual sports event.


Rising Up The Ranks  

The Chief Guest for the Annual Senior Sports Meet Jyotirmoyee Sikdar, has a list of accolades to her name. A former athlete and gold medal winner in the Asian Games in Bangkok in 1998, she also received the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna award for the year 1998-1999, a Padma Shri in 2003 and an Arjun Award in 1995.

Sikdar is the second woman after PT Usha and the first woman from West Bengal to win a gold medal for the country. “I want to first congratulate children present here for a beautiful show of the march past. I too was in your place a few years back but my schooling was not in any Kolkata’s school but in a village in Nadia district. I worked for a few years in the Railways thereafter and went on to win the Gold medal for India in 1998.

“If you want to become a true athlete, put all your focus and hard work into it. It requires a lot of effort and sacrifices. Parents and teachers keep children disciplined. If your children can remember three things, discipline, dedication and determination you can flourish in whichever field you want. There is no alternative to hard work.” Added Sikdar.

The students of Apeejay school getting ready to inaugurate the Annual Sports event.


Story Of Grit And Determination

Among the special invitees was Nigam Priya Chakraborty, a member of the Indian Army who spoke to the children about the sacrifice of the Indian army at the Pulwama incident. He spoke about being injured in the 25th June 2016 when a CRPF bus carrying more than 40 jawans was returning after duty at J&K was attacked by the terrorist. “I saw my friend’s head getting blown away and I was hit by two bullets but still kept firing. One of my hand was hanging and the driver was hit by more than 9 bullets and was dead. I was half dead when I was taken out from the bus after the terrorists were killed.”

He added, “I was under ventilation for one and a half months, then went through a lot of surgeries and in factI am again going for an operation to take out a bullet stuck inside my spinal cord. It is not easy and never will be but as soon as I am fit again, I wish to go back to the army and serve my nation.”

He ended by asking parents to encourage children to play sports and not be too addicted to gadgets.


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