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Forget botox & surgeries — celebrate young, healthy look with Face Yoga


We’ve created a 20-minute programme that you have to follow six days a week along with massage, acupressure, yoga and facial exercises to give you ‘safe anti-ageing results — a natural facelift’.

We affirm that anyone can benefit from fewer lines and wrinkles and get a firm jawline with an improved skin tone, plus reduced headaches and eye strain, which, in turn, ease tensions and lend a healthy glow to your face.


Mansi Gulati is a popular Face Yoga Expert


Just as your body needs regular exercises to stay toned and firm, there are 57 muscles on your face and neck which need exercises, too. As these muscles become stronger, they firm up and the skin attached to the muscles become taut, reducing lines and wrinkles. The massage moves increase circulation and lymph flow and remove toxins, thus improving skin tone, reducing puffiness and dark circles around the eyes.

Face Yoga also gives a holistic feeling of well-being, which can benefit the mind and body.

Face Yoga benefits

 Face Yoga is natural all the way, unlike creams, serums, injections, surgeries and numerous anti-ageing strategies that promise a youthful look. The problem with these methods is that they often use chemicals, or surgical procedures to get results, while facial yoga is natural with no ‘who-knows-what’ ingredients or hours under a laser or scalpel.

 Face Yoga releases tension. You might be surprised at how much tension you hold in your face and neck. Facial yoga teaches you to become more aware of those muscles, so that you can relax them at any time you feel tightness creeping up.


Follow Face Yoga specialist’s 20-minute daily programme for a ‘Natural Facelift’


Face Yoga helps reduce wrinkles. Some wrinkles appear with age, while others appear because we are constantly putting tension on the face muscles, such as those around the eyes or mouth. Facial yoga builds awareness, so that you can release unhealthy tensions that are creating crows’ feet and other wrinkles.

 Face Yoga may promote collagen production. The muscle activity may boost collagen production and keep the skin younger.

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