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Global Products Under One Roof At The International Mega Trade Fair, Kolkata 2019


Kolkata is ready to witness the international trade fair in Kolkata to enhance the city’s diversified culture. The two week trade fair in December is organized by the government and is a yearly affair, with more than 50 stalls from all over the world. The main focus of the trade fair is to have products from different corners of the world apart from India like Bangladesh, Pakistan and Egypt to name a few. The fair goes on for 2 weeks roughly and witnesses thousands of people every day. There are people who are willing to buy Egyptian products, Kashmiri dresses and Pakistani wearables. They wait for the entire year to come to this fair.


The International Mega Trade Fair is held at Kolkata during the month of December and has more than 50 stalls from India and abroad.


The International Mega Trade Fair in Kolkata is a one stop platform for all, to experience local and global products under one shed.


Brands To Look Forward To

Cosmetic brand IBA which sells halal and vegan certified products, has shops across the country with Ahemdabad as their base and put up a stall to reach a wider consumer base. Nykaa and other online apps put out a physical stall to help people understand their products and have trials. This helps for branding and marketing to be done in an organized way.

The famous cosmetic brand IBA is based out of Ahmedabad and have “Halal and Vegan certified products”.

Spice brand Cookme also puts up a stall every year as there is often limited demand for Cookme products sold in markets and local shops due to uncertainty of the demand. Such trade fairs help them put up a vast stall to display all their products while also see an increases in sales. The trade fair it is not just profitable for them but is also a good platform to exhibit a variety of products in one stall.

the famous spices and Masala brand cookme have been actively participating in the trade fair for the past few years. According to them, the sales are always high and it is upward rising every day.

Offing At Global Stalls

Stall owners from Egypt showcase varieties of Egyptian products and come to the trade fair once a year to sell their products and are not fearful of competition with the other local stalls. They know people who understand Egyptian products prefer them and hence have a huge sales output at this fair.

The Egyptians have been coming to this stall for many years and are very satisfied with the sales and demands of several unique Egyptian products in India. The mega trade fair is a good platform for them to come to India and to sell their products.


The trade fair is mostly targeted towards small and medium sized enterprises and even big enterprises who want to market themselves to the people. It is a good place for business to business(B2B) as well as business to consumer(B2C) interactions.


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