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Goal Mentors – Altering Communication With A Practical Approach


In the smartphone era, communication is an essential part of our lives, paving the path for success of any individual. In a country like India, where people speak diverse languages, coming from different regions, spoken English has become more of a skill than just an option. Not only that, overall communication skill has become an important parameter for excelling in the corporate world.


Effie, Founder of Goal Mentors


And in this regard, Effie’s Goal Mentors is doing a commendable job, which is categorically an art and communication studio. But make no mistake, Goal Mentors is not just any traditional coaching center which teaches different aspects of a language in a conventional pattern.

The credit goes to Effie for the success of Goal Mentors. As she notes, “When I was in Public Relations, some of my colleagues were tremendously talented but weren’t promoted for long due to the inability to portray their true worth, and communicate their achievements and ideas effectively. I always felt that these people must improve their communication skills by working on their English. It will not just open up newer avenues in their career, but will also help them everywhere.”



Goal Mentors follows a co-learning class model where teaching mostly relies on ‘listening and speaking’ format. The education start-up started with three members – apart from Effie there are two visiting faculties who take care of the students and visit them as and when it is scheduled as per convenience. One of the primary targets of Team Goal Mentors is teaching as it needs to be. In India, English being a second language for most, is taught in translator format. That is why most people fail to have significant command over the language, resulting in a precarious scenario.

Effie adds, “We help students train their mind to think and speak in English naturally. Our classroom is like a playground where students pick up the rhythm of the language just like the babies do, they listen, imitate, err, correct, repeat and speak correctly at the end. Further, we at Goal Mentors customize lessons for each student after assessing their language level and their specific problems and we give them classes with flexible timings. The batch size is kept small too, we just take 5 students of similar level of English in one batch.”



Goal Mentors’ Founder Effie graduated from the Delhi University and later versed herself in Public Relations, Advertisement and Marketing from the YMCA. After her brief stint as PR, she obtained a TEFL certificate from Cambridge University. Since then, there has been no looking back for her. No doubt, Team Goal Mentors is doing a difficult task with much precision and command. One can only hope that in the near future, Effie’s dream of reaching out to the masses with smart, crispy English will be fulfilled.


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