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GoMoBiz – Leading with Next-Generation Automated Software


The Indian start-up domain has always been innovative with its solution-based approach. The success of GoMoBiz is indeed an instance which needs special mention. Primarily, GoMoBiz provides solution, delivering using software-as-a-service (SaaS) model. It enables customers anytime access to real-time data for their field force at an affordable cost. The system also provides timely alerts and notifications for all unauthorised events. In other words, GoMoBiz is useful for any organization which has field sales executives ranging from small, medium and large enterprises with different vertical and operates from across different cities and countries.



The inception of GoMoBiz goes back to the days of TrackKing, a GPS Vehicle Tracking System product launched in 2015. At that time, it was evident that GPS-based tracking for field force employees was in great demand which was effective in boosting productivity and overall efficiency in managing work force. In other words, the journey of TrackKing paved the path for GoMoBiz – Go Mobile Business – an On-field Mobile CRM in 2018. The utility of GoMoBiz is its applicability.



Credit goes to Jay & Vijay Tapadia, co-founders, who started at the age of 17 in 2001, after high school, and pursued Commerce in graduation school. In no time, the brothers formed a company Tapadia Creative Private Limited with the Brand Name Tapadia Tech. Jay Tapadia notes, “We noticed that most companies faced issues in managing sales force, especially in managing / tracking employees’ productivity and whereabouts of those employees in the market who were selling specific products and services. Generally, any sales executive gives you the standard lame reason to the managers/team lead that he/she is in market, visiting clients, on the way, claiming the wrong expense bill, payment collected, not submitted or attendance issue. After seeing the gap between the companies and workforce, we came up with a solution which solves all suc issues and works across any vertical seamlessly in real-time & can manage via web, mobile apps”.



At present, GoMoBiz is working in a very niche vertical where only a few companies in India are offering solution as a business model. With the lowest possible pricing, GoMoBiz is already a favourite and let’s not forget that it is not bound geographically as it works in any language across the globe.

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