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Google Maps will now show estimated toll prices on selected routes

Google today announced a set of new features for Google Maps including the roll out of toll prices. With this new feature users will be able to find the estimated toll price to their destination even before the trip starts.

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According to a press release, Google Maps will estimate the total toll price to your destination based on factors like the cost of using a toll pass or other payment methods, the day of the week, and how much the toll is expected to cost at the specific time when the user will be crossing it.

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Google announces new update to track toll booths

However, for those who do not wish to pay tolls, Google will also show an alternative option of a toll-free route. This can be accessed by tapping on the three dots at the top right corner in Maps and selecting ‘avoid tolls’. The company said that this feature will be rolled out on Android and iOS devices in April for nearly 2,000 toll roads in India, the US, Japan and Indonesia — with more countries coming soon.

Update for iPhone and Apple watch users

Additionally, Google has also released new updates for iOS(Apple) users to make Maps easier to use on an Apple Watch or iPhone. The new updates include a new pinned trip widget, direct navigation from the Apple Watch, and Google Maps integration into Siri and the shortcuts app.

iOS users can check the arrival time, the next departure for the chosen public transport trip, and even a suggested route for those looking to drive, directly from the new pinned trip widget. The widget will help people access trips they have pinned in their Go Tab, right from the iOS home screen, making it even easier to get directions.

Google Maps will also be integrating Siri, and the Shortcuts app into iOS spotlight. Once you’ve set up the shortcuts, just say ‘Hey Siri, get directions’ or ‘Hey Siri, search in Google Maps’ to access Google Maps’ helpful information instantly. This feature is set to be available in the coming months, with enhanced Siri search functionality coming later this summer.

To get the new widget and other features, you will have to update your Google Maps to the latest version.

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