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Grand Master Akshar – Redefining Yoga for All


Over the decades, yoga has been widely accepted all over the world as a physical, mental and spiritual practice, which originated in ancient India. There are various schools of thought but one thing is common – yoga has become a way of life. In India and abroad, it has become quite popular and no doubt, the global celebration of International Day of Yoga on Jun 21 is a gentle reminder.


Grand Master Akshar is an internationally acclaimed Yogic Master and visionary


Notably, among the stalwarts in the world of Yoga, Grand Master Akshar has become an institution on his own. Hailing from the oldest school of Himalayas, he is an internationally acclaimed Yogic Master and visionary.



All these years, Akshar has carved a niche in the global wellness map. Credit goes to his customised innovation with Yoga. He has brilliantly weaved together his ancestral wisdom from the oldest form of Himalayan yoga with the most advanced forms of fitness regimes. He is the Founder, Chairman and Course Director of Akshar Yoga, the largest chain in the Country. This apart, he is also the Founder and President of the World Yoga Organisation. Akshar is also an established tutor of this advanced form of Yoga and conducts Master level Yoga Teachers Training courses across the globe.


Grand Master Akshar with actress Sushmita Sen


Team Akshar has been working tirelessly in spreading Yoga. As of now, Akshar and his team have trained more than 5,00,000 pupils all over the world through both online and offline platforms. He, now, has 20 schools in the country under the Akshar Yoga brand which is expanding all over the globe.


Grand Master Akshar with former Australian cricketer Matthew Hayden


Interestingly, Akshar Yoga is also collaborating with various International organisations and Universities for higher educational and professional programmes.

The best thing about Akshar is his innovation. The way he was enhanced the practice of asanas through inventions such as The Aerial yoga, Wheel yoga and Power Yoga is amazing to say the least. Akshar has also pioneered the metamorphosis of Yoga practice to accommodate the mindset of a newer generation of Yoga practitioners while maintaining its authenticity.


With legendary Indian cricketer Sunil Gavaskar


A true patriot, Akshar has ensured that all his products proudly hail the “Made in India” banner.  He is also a regular columnist in leading newspapers and online portals with articles and motivational videos of Yoga and its multiple benefits. He is featured in the best-selling publication, Lead or Bleed. He has shared his experience of Yoga with various exemplary, international athletic personas such as the legendary Sir. Sunil Gavaskar, the multi-faceted cricketing star Matthew Hayden, inspirational wrestling duo Geeta & Babita Phogat, to name a few.


Akshar with Consul General of Israel to South of India


Team Optimist congratulates Akshar and his dedicated team for their exemplary commitment and concern for the Practise of Yoga.


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