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Grofers is now Blinkit, eyes 10-minute delivery & quick commerce

Have you recently been to Grofers and ordered your favourite snacks and munchies? Well, you must have noticed that the online grocery platform has rebranded itself to Blinkit and also promises customers of instant delivery options in 10 minutes. However, the service will be available only in areas where the delivery can be made in 10 minutes. This comes at a time when Zomato might go ahead and invest $500 million in Grofers to boost their e-commerce. 

Given the rising demand of the customers to shop for groceries online post Covid-19 pandemic and also the rapid pace at which small shopkeepers are jumping onto the e-commerce space and are delivering groceries online, Grofers thought it would be prudent to rebrand the platform and deliver products within a blink of the eye (hence Blinkit). 

Grofers’ CEO and co-founder Albinder Dhindsa in a blog mentioned Grofers has already processed over a million orders a week, across 12 cities in India, “and this is just a start.” 

Dhindsa also said: “We learnt a lot as Grofers, and all our learnings, our team, and our infrastructure is being repurposed to pivot to something with staggering product-market fit – quick commerce. Today, we are surging ahead as a new company, and we have a new mission statement – “instant commerce indistinguishable from magic”. And we will no longer be doing this as Grofers – we will be doing it as Blinkit.”

Dhindsa said that Blinkit will not make deliveries in areas where they cannot reach in 10 minutes. He understands there will be temporary lack of service but he promises to serve all the affected customers within four weeks. “While we understand a 15 minute or 20 minute delivery service would be better than no service, our systems and infrastructure are built with solely with 10 minutes (or less) in mind,” wrote Dhindsa.

In another blog, Dhindsa said that q-commerce is the future of commerce. “We do not take that statement lightly. Imagine as a user, you have a magical cupboard in the house and you can open it and retrieve what you need when you need it. This is what q-commerce is all about. Our purpose as a company is to make sure the cupboard is always available to you and the products in the cupboard are exactly what you need,” the blog post read.  

The first part of being a magical cupboard is the ability to be there when the customers need it. For instance, if we were delivering everything after a few hours, we wouldn’t be there for users when they need us the most, in urgent cases. Urgent use cases come up in our lives every day, and we are learning from data that they occur way more often and in different places than we originally imagined (hello, whiteboard markers in the office).

Dhindsa mentioned in the blog, ‘Quick commerce – the future of commerce’, that they prefer to partner with local merchants whenever they open a dark store. “We prefer to partner with local merchants who have an interest in being a part of the e-commerce revolution. This helps us in bringing a local flavour to the kind of products we sell, while also bringing about efficient space utilisation to markets,” he said. 

Today, Blinkit has a dark store network in 211 stores and the online platform is launching a new store every 4 hours. “As our flywheel of more deliveries, more stores keeps running, we will keep getting closer and closer to more customers. This will mean lesser distances for our riders and faster deliveries for customers,” he mentioned in the blog. 

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