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Healthy Mind-Set For A Healthier Celebrity Trainer


Intertwining a healthier mind-set is a crucial aspect to facilitate a fit mind and a fit body says fitness entrepreneur Sailendra S Raane. Being a Director of Fitness Division, RESET – Holistic Living Concepts, he started his career at a young age with martial arts.
Team Optimist Caught Up With The Fitness Entrepreneur Regarding His Fitness Journey:


Fitness Entrepreneur Mr. Sailendra S. Raane.


1. What has been your journey in the fitness industry? From Martial Arts to RESET – what has been your main driving force?

I started my journey into the fitness industry at very young age. Being a very thin child, I was always motivated to get healthier. This inspired me to get into fitness right from school days. I had great interest in sports and loved running. During this time, I also started training for martial arts training. On the personal front I have been extremely lucky to get tremendous support from my family pertaining to my love for fitness. Thus began my ceaseless journey into this field.

After completing my class 10board exams, I began gymming, which garnered my interest in learning more about this field. I received training and proper education about fitness and the industry and ultimately started my career as a fitness trainer in various gyms and fitness studios. I also pursued body building and gymnastics. This led me to explore different places for workout and fitness forms. Over a period of time, I started training celebrities too.

In the course of my wellness journey, I had the opportunity of meeting and interacting with like-minded people like Karan Talreja (C0-Founder & CEO) We both had a similar vision of opening a fitness centre where our clients are provided with the best of fitness and health facilities under one roof which lead to the launch of RESET, a holistic fitness centre. The idea was to create awareness that fitness is not only about exercising but is also about one’s lifestyle.

I believe for me having a healthier mind-set is an important aspect that facilitates a fit mind to lead to a fit body. Intertwining them is the driving force to provide the best to my clients.



2. Many people have a misconception that fitness training is gym based and mostly it adheres to bodybuilding. What is your take on this?

That is true and the reason behind it is the lack of awareness about what fitness actually means. Fitness training is more than just hitting the gym for the purpose of body-building. Today there are a variety of fitness forms which include an overall strengthening of the muscles, to increase one’s endurance, facilitate flexibility, mobility and stability. Gym training is for overall wellness and helps in overall well-being, thus enabling one to feel healthy mentally and physically as well.


3. Currently, on social media, various fitness influencers come up with their own suggestions and prescriptions for fitness. Can those be followed by netizens?

Social media has it’s pros and cons. Fitness influencers on social can be a good thing as people gain easy access to a lot of information. But this is accurate as long as they have the authentic information, right education and are well-informed about their field, otherwise it can be fatal if not applied in the right manner.

It is absolutely fine not to have knowledge about a particular topic, but it is extremely harmful to have half knowledge or wrong information about a topic as important as one’s health or well-being. If they are logically and theoretically right which is based on studies and research conducted, it can be followed.



However, people should not blindly follow anything just because it is in fashion, a craze or because someone says it has benefited them. I believe even netizen should understand the information they are getting and whether it is authentic, rather than blindly following anything that has been told. Every individual is different andone must know what suits them. It is advised to consult a person with proper knowledge, instead of following diets and health and fitness tips on the net.


4. What has been your experience as a fitness entrepreneur in India? What are the challenges do you face in this specific segment in India?

I think the biggest challenge we face is awareness of all aspect of fitness. These include what is pre-hab, re-hab and conditioning while also explaining to people the importance and nitty-gritty of fitness. Today, so much is available in the market in terms of health, fitness and wellness. However, to explain to them what is right and wrong is definitely a difficult task. Over the years, the scenario has changed and more people are understanding the value of fitness, which is a good thing.



5. Callisthenics workout has become popular among the younger generation who prefer flexible schedules of training. Do you think it can be the game-changer in the fitness industry?

Calisthenics is basically a type of exercise consisting of a variety of simple movements which is usually performed without weights or other equipment. These exercises intend to increase body strength and flexibility using the weight of one’s own body using resistance.
The biggest advantages of callisthenics that you do not need any weights to dothese exercises and hence it fits the best in today’s fast paced life, where people find it difficult to take out time for their health.
Again for a healthier lifestyle, one should have the combination of workouts and one should definitely do what is feasible to them to stay healthy. As far as it being a game-changer in concerned, it definitely is very good form of workout which majorly helps people stay in the pink of health.


Callestenics has emerged as the new age exercise for all.


6. What are your plans with regard to RESET in the coming years?

As I mentioned, fitness is not just an activity but a form of lifestyle. We definitely want to increase more awareness about fitness, health and overall well-being amongst people. We are keen to introduce the best of fitness forms to our clients under one roof.




Currently at RESET, we have various health programmes which focus on pre-hab, re-hab and conditioning of an individual, along with hard-core fitness training for a more holistic experience. Our workouts for posture correction and spine manipulation helps people in relivingpain and for people to stay injury free.

In the coming years we are keen on expanding the centre to go national and global as well for the best of fitness experience available to all.

7. Regarding wellness and fitness – give us tips for the younger generation.

One thing everyone must consider, is not to wait for an injury to happen or any health problem. Hit the gym or begin leading an active and healthy life. In today’s time, the younger generation is impatient and want fast results. However, the generation of millennials must realize, that to gain that perfect body shape, a healthy heart and mind is a long-term process.
One cannot get results positive overnight or just by hitting the gym one hour a day. They must comprehend that the process of healthy living should be followed throughout the day. There are no shortcuts to achieving a healthy body, which also translates into having the right mind-set towards fitness and lifestyle.


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