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Himalaya’s Muskaan Promises A Smile On Every Child…


Mr. Rajesh Krishnamurthy, Business Director, Consumer Products Divison, The Himalaya Drug Company inaugurating the event “Muskaan”.


“Every child has the right to smile.” On Monday, November 18, 2019, at ITC Royal Bengal, Kolkata, Himalaya Drug Company, in association with the Smile Train Foundation, launched a campaign, Ek Mutho Hanshi, to bring into the limelight the problem of cleft lip in children and create awareness around it. This problem was being highlighted through various programmes because people, even today, do not want to talk about a cleft lip. This unique initiative made it easier to acquaint people with the issue and provide a solution.


What is a cleft lip?

A cleft lip is a form of congenital deformation of the upper lip of a child. The cleft lip, or palate, happens when certain facial tissues do not fuse properly during foetal development

1 out of 700 babies globally is born with a cleft lip

In West Bengal, alone, over 2,500 babies are born with a cleft lip annually

Himalaya Drug Company came up with a unique drive, Muskaan, and Himalaya Lip Care joined hands with Smile Train to launch a campaign, called Ek Mutho Hanshi, to provide 100%-free cleft surgeries for kids


Smile Train for spreading smiles…

Being a renowned NGO, Smile Train’s continued and enduring initiative provides all the funding and resources to treat babies with a cleft lip in a friendly manner.



Through the ‘Cleft Care Programme’, Smile Train has been able to put a smile on the faces of 1.5 million babies annually

Through this programme, 100%-free cleft repair surgery is provided to all children and families in need of it

Renowned doctors provide treatment to kids with a cleft lip along with post-surgery care


Highlights of the event

The event was presided over by such dignitaries as Rajesh Krishnamurthy, Business Director, Consumer Products Division, Himalaya Drug Company; Mamta Carroll, Vice-President and Regional Director (Asia), Smile Train, and several doctors

Inspired by Himalaya’s motto, Khush Raho Khushaal Raho, Muskaan ensures smiles in every family


What did the doctors say?

Dr S A Faizal of CAMRI Hospital, Burdwan, said, “There’s a wrong perception that cleft-lip babies are a curse since they’re born with the condition due to their bad deeds in an earlier life, or such other factors as eclipse and so on. This notion must be removed and awareness must be created

On the other factors, Dr Parthapratim Gupta of the Institute of Child Health, Kolkata said, “Babies of women who smoke or drink regularly before pregnancy are prone to cleft lips. But, once the condition is diagnosed, they should be treated and cured. Otherwise, they may suffer from social isolation, creating stressful situations

The surgery takes 45 minutes and that is enough to create a life-changing experience for a child


The Key Dignitaries from the Himalaya Drug Company and the Smile Train, gearing up for the brief Q&A session.


‘Every kid should wear a smile’

The event ended with a brief Q&A session, followed by a power-packed performance by Padma Shri Usha Uthup, who rocked on stage along with some kids. She ended by saying, “I’m blessed to be a part of this beautiful journey because I feel every child should always wear a smile on his or her face.”

The famous singer and Padma Shri Usha Uthup rocked the stage with her beats, and matched steps with a kid, who recovered from a Cleft Surgery.

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