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How Digital Technology Is Changing the Face of Marketing in India


It has been rightly said that change is the law of life and those who only cling to the past are certain to miss the chance to make their future lives better. Look around, and you’ll experience an epiphany that everything you’ve had ten years back has significantly changed in some way or other. There’s no denying the fact that our lives have truly transformed with the humongous advancements introduced in the field of technology.

These technological changes took place gradually, systematically and made us believe that it is assuredly for our personal growth, development, and welfare of society. With Digital India, a productive campaign launched by the Government of India, we find ourselves fortunate enough to be a part of a revolution which strongly aims at making citizens digitally empowered. It has not only improved digital literacy amongst underprivileged living in rural areas but also increased job opportunities by leaps and bounds for youngsters.


Mr. Moulik Jain, Co-Founder of 3 Minds Digital


We bet you won’t be able to find any industry, business, area, or aspect of modern life that has remained unaffected and unchanged by the fierce winds of digital technology. It has rebuilt the ill fate of umpteen small and medium-sized businesses by helping them to reach a wider audience and maintain long-term relationships with customers to accelerate the sales of their products and services.

You’ll be extremely proud to know that being one of the fastest growing nations and the largest consumer markets in the world, our country has an enormous online market. Having said that, it is certainly diverse and complex at the same time because business owners have to come up with fresh marketing strategies every now and then to stay ahead of their competitors. The most efficacious way to deal with these complexities is investing in a marketing plan which is harmoniously blended with innovation & technology.

With more tech-savvy consumers choosing online platforms for making purchases, it’s crucial for businesses to have a strong online presence, and only digital technology is a term new-age marketers can totally swear by. Gone are the days when implementing innovation in marketing was a far-fetched dream; now everyone is jumping into the bandwagon to make their brands’ presence felt.

Every one of us is aware of the fact that the reach of traditional marketing is limited to print media, television, and radio commercials. However, with technology speeding up, marketing plans are now devised keeping in mind the digital means of communication, such as internet, smartphones, tablets, email blasts, social media, Google ads, etc. The reasons behind their growing popularity are no longer a secret. They’re cost-effective, ensure quick & effective interaction with target audiences which eventually leads to higher conversions, and last but not least, develop better relationships with the customers worldwide. This way, digital technology is helping enterprises to capture a growing and lucrative online marketplace which is indeed every business owner’s dream.

Several countries across the globe find it a tough row to hoe when it comes to meeting customers’ expectations, let alone India. Indian customers are becoming smarter than ever and are getting well informed of the gadgets and technologies which they can use extensively for buying goods & services online. Now buyers want a smooth and less time-consuming shopping experience which is hard to achieve in this day and age without this word- ‘Digital Marketing.’ It is on its full swing and is changing the face of marketing in India at lightning speed.

Unless you have been living under a rock, you’d probably know that this world is digital now and the continued impact of digital technology on marketing strategies is no less than an asset for marketers. Here are some of the things that businesses can expect to achieve by being adaptive to digital practices.

Faster Connectivity

With effective implementation of digital technology in marketing, it has been witnessed that companies are able to solve their clients’ queries and problems at the drop of a hat through social media platforms, 24/7 live chat options, and email facilities. On the other hand, companies can also get the word out to their customers about the latest product launch in a jiffy. Additionally, technologies like Artificial Intelligence, conversational chatbots, Internet of Things have helped customers get the solutions on demand, even at wee hours with the support of voice assistants like Alexa and Siri.

AI helps businesses to predict customers’ wants and preferences so that they can serve consumers in a better way by creating what they exactly need at the moment. This can surely be called a win-win situation wherein buyers and sellers both are experiencing benefits.

Maximum Engagement

Social media platforms have always been one of the most successful ways to capture the attention of target audience. In order to give a boost to marketing activities, businesses find it a safe option to run a promotion campaign on Facebook which increases engagement with customers to a great extent. With higher consumer engagement on the smaller screens, a significant rise can be seen in the personalized campaigns, contests, deals, and offers. This way, businesses are now able to create their brand value by connecting with their customers on platforms where they can be easily approached.

Building Brand Reputation

Pulling in the target audiences and serving their needs on fingertips enable you to build a trusted relationship with the buyers. When you deliver them the services they require from the comfort of their homes, you create a superior association with them, which ultimately influences them to choose your brand over and over again. In the process, they start getting involved with the brand and optimize your brand reputation.

In a nutshell, the world is changing with the emergence of the latest trends in technology and so is the face of marketing. Taking note of the digital technology and its techniques, it’s no exaggeration to say that they will surely present themselves as a cornerstone of success everywhere around. The impact of digital technology on marketing plans and strategies will continue to grow manifold; this is what we truly believe in.

(Moulik Jain is serial entrepreneur based in Mumbai and has an eningeering degree in computer science.  He has 7 years of experience in digital marketing.  He has worked with numerous digital marketing companies. Aaprt from 3 Minds Digital he has also co-founded another company, Design Pitch Deck that has grown to be one-of Asia’s biggest players in the corporate/investor presentation design space.)


Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author. They do not purport to reflect the opinions or views of the organisation itself.

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