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How this entrepreneur is making education inclusive through Edu-tech

When it comes to learning there is no end to it. Learning is a process of development, through which one can change ideas. Meet Tarun Saini, who is instrumental in changing how India thinks. Saini’s Vidykul, India’s first live classes learning app for state board, NCERT and CBSE is helping students clear their doubts by providing pre-recorded and free live lectures by the most trusted local teachers. Vidykul provides after-school tuitions for those who cannot afford home-tuitions and also for the ones who need extra support in learning.

Tarun Saini, Founder and CEO of Vidykul

Tarun Saini founder and CEO of Vidykul was born and brought up in a very small village near Ambala. Son of a farmer, he was academically oriented from an early age and travelled 40 km every day to school from his hometown. He believes that everyone should get access to quality education and always wanted to create something that will help students from state-boards.   

E learning has become the new normal for students

Being in a Hindi medium school he had to face obstacles as he was weak in English. Eventually, he completed his schooling and left India to complete his bachelor’s degree in Australia from Nash University. In 2010 he became a salesman going door to door for improving his speaking and communication skills. He soon became the top salesman and spearheaded the company’s growth taking the workforce strength from 5 to 80. Soon, he started venturing into the education field and encouraged learning from home, as the geography of Australia is huge and people have difficulty in finding schools. To help them he worked with Australian Chamber Education, AIM and Australian Institute of Management. Deeply engaged in edu-tech for many years, Tarun has finally come up with an app that helps students of his own country, particularly those living in semi urban and rural areas.

Why Vidykul is different

The USP of Vidykul is that it helps students to learn all subjects in their local language. Solely using English language as a medium to teach, other platforms never gave a thought about students from Hindi or other vernacular medium. Addressing this Tarun built Vidykaul where state board students are free to learn, communicate in their own local language with the help of live classes. West Bengal is soon to be added in the repertoire.

Online platforms have changed the façade of education for students


Vidykul is available on YouTube as it is the highest used site all over the world. During the pandemic when everyone was detached from the outer world, YouTube was the platform they turned to for content and entertainment. “For searches like- class Hindi Physics, vidykul is no one on Youtube, out of ten, five videos will be ours,” informed Tarun. The only requirement is to have a phone and internet through which one can reach the students of state-board. He believes in digital India and says “within a couple of years everything will be through mobile and internet”

Vidyakul aims at on-boarding experienced and qualified teachers in states like Uttar Pradesh or Bihar. The teachers who used to teach offline and did not have the digital access are now trained by Vidykul and are connected with students all over India digitally.

Communication through E-learning is faster, smoother and hassle-free

Filling the gap

“We have come in contact with 2 NGOs in Uttar Pradesh who have more than 3 hundred schools,” shared Tarun and added, “Vidykul is enabling students of this school to access its digital library for learning and also watch live interactive lessons. Learning through the internet makes the lessons easier to understand and experienced teachers are being able to reach the needy”.

Tarun Saini’s mission is to build ‘Bharat ka online school’ by crfating content in all languages for the state boards students.

It is quite amazing to see how people like Tarun are instrumental in making education inclusive in India. May his tribe thrive!

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