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ICG to Celebrate 45th Raising Day

Indian Coast Guard is celebrating its 45th Raising Day on 01 Feb 2021. From a modest beginning with just 07 surface platforms in 1978, ICG has grown into a formidable force with 156 ships and 62 aircraft in its inventory and is likely to achieve targeted force levels of 200 surface platforms and 80 aircraft by 2025.  

As the fourth largest Coast Guard in the world, Indian Coast Guard has played a significant role in securing the Indian Coasts and enforcing regulations within the Maritime Zones of India. True to its motto “ Vayam Rakshamah” meaning “We Protect”, the service has to its credit saving over 10,000 lives and apprehending around 14,000 miscreants since inception in 1977. On an average, Coast Guard saves one precious life every second day at sea.

Despite the restrictions imposed by the ‘COVID-19’ pandemic, Indian Coast Guard has maintained 24×7 vigil in the Exclusive Economic Zone, by deploying about 50 ships and 12 aircraft daily. The deterrence at sea and coordinated air surveillance by the service enabled seizure of contraband worth about ₹ 1,500 Crore and apprehension of more than 10 foreign fishing boats with 80 miscreants illegally operating in the Indian EEZ alone in year 2020.  The ‘Preventive and Measured Response’ stance of operations introduced just over a year ago, ensured that more than 6,000 fishing boats with about 40,000 fishermen were escorted to safe harbours during the passage of 11 cyclones last year, thus averting loss of lives and property at sea.  

 In consonance with the Hon’ble Prime Minister’s vision of ‘SAGAR’ – Security And Growth of All in the Region, Indian Coast Guard created maritime history in dousing a raging fire onboard the 333 M long Very Large Crude Carrier Motor Tanker New Diamond with about 3 Lakh Metric Tonnes of crude oil off Sri Lanka, thereby averting a major ecological disaster.  Further, ICG also provided Pollution Response assistance to Mauritius during the grounding of Merchant Vessel Wakashio and provided 30 T of Pollution Response equipment in addition to training. ICG is also collaborating with littoral countries to combat transnational maritime crimes and enhance maritime safety in its area of responsibility and in the Indian Ocean Region.

The President of India, Vice President, Prime Minister, Defence Minister and Governors of West Bengal and  Odisha have  congratulated the Indian Coast Guard.

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