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If we’re mentally healthy, we can fight all other problems: Swati Sawhney

Centre of Healing believes that its extraordinary mission and spectacular location makes it the perfect place for rejuvenating your inner body and soul. Team Optimist spoke to Swati Sawhney, Founder, Center of Healing. Excerpts…

Team Optimist: What made you think about opening the Center of Healing?  Did you have any prior experience in this specific domain?

Swati Sawhney: Since childhood, I’d always felt very sensitive and bad about poor people lying on the streets. It used to sadden me and built up an urge in me to do something for these hapless people when I grew up. I’ve been into social service for a decade now. I’ve helped people on the streets, who are deprived of the basic necessities, with such assistance as food, shelter, clothing and medical services. While on this journey, I realized that our society was becoming mentally stressed with every passing day. Since I was eager to help people, I thought it would be great to build a platform for people where they could get a solution to every sort of mental problem. So, I established the Center of Healing, which is a one-stop solution for people to rid themselves of all their mental problems.


Swati Sawhney, Founder, The Center of Healing


Team Optimist: What sort of healing services does the Center of Healing provide to individuals?

Swati Sawhney: We, at the Center of Healing, provide our clients such services as:

  • DMIT
  • Mid-Brain Activation
  • Third-Eye Activation
  • Reiki — All Levels
  • Past Life Regression
  • Crystal Healing
  • Angelic Healing
  • Pendulum Workshop
  • Money Reiki

We provide such sessions as:

  • Sound Healing
  • Rebirthing Breath Work
  • Lama Fera
  • Reiki Healing
  • Mind Programming
  • Past Life Regression

We’ve hired experts who provide the best of services to our clients and make sure they’re healed and have no problems in future.



Team Optimist: Depression is considered to be a huge concern for millennials. What’s your take on this sensitive subject?

Swati Sawhney: Depression has become very common today. Every second person in society suffers from it. Some are depressed because of their personal problems and some due to professional compulsions. I’ve even got cases where people attempt suicide from depression. There are many types of depression and many reasons to be depressed. We try to find out the exact reason of depression.

We use several mind power techniques and healing therapies to treat depression, such as:

  • Mind Programming through Hypnotherapy
  • Sound Healing
  • Reiki Healing
  • Rebirthing Breath Work
  • Lama Fera
  • Chakra Balancing


Team Optimist: In India, despite advancement of society, there’s unease over conversing about mental health. As a health entrepreneur, what’s your advice to the young generation?

Swati Sawhney: It’s a fact that people still feel awkward about expressing their mental problems. They feel that they’ll be considered weird, or mentally retarded. We’ve experienced that before starting treatment and needed to convince our clients to tell us about their problems.

My advice to all youngsters is that they should feel free to express about their mental problems as freely as they express their physical ones. It’s equally important to have mental peace to be able to lead a healthy and positive life. If we are mentally healthy, we can fight all other problems.


Team Optimist: How do you inculcate the idea of ‘good touch, bad touch’ among students? How do you differentiate between the young and adults at counselling sessions?

Swati Sawhney: We hold seminars, with presentations, at schools for parents and students to spread awareness about this.



Team Optimist: Relationship counselling is considered one of the trickiest aspects of modern-day relationship management.  How does the Center of Healing tackle such an issue?

Swati Sawhney: In today’s scenario, we get lots of queries and clients who approach us for relationship counselling. Today’s young couples face many problems in their relationships and it’s mainly because of professional pressure and time constraints. We listen to them and provide them appropriate counselling to help them improve their relationship. Apart from couple counseling, we also provide counselling for every kind of relationship, whether brother-sister, mother-in-law-daughter-in-law, or any other kind. We provide Reiki healing by using universal and cosmic energies and several other mind power therapies to provide counselling to solve all kinds of relationship issues.


Team Optimist: What are your plans for the Center of Healing? Are you thinking of opening branches in other cities across India?

Swati Sawhney: Center of Healing plans to establish itself as a one-stop solution for all mental problems. My aim is to help people fight stress and live a happy and progressive life. Currently, we hold sessions in many parts of the country and, in five years’ time, we plan to spread out across India.


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