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Imran Khan’s life in danger, conspiracy to assassinate him, says PTI leader

Islamabad: A senior leader of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), Faisal Vawda, told local media that Prime Minister Imran Khan’s life was in danger. He claimed that there was a conspiracy to assassinate the cricketer-turned-politician.

While speaking on an ARY News’ progamme, Off the Record, Vawda said that the PM has been advised to use a bulletproof shield while addressing public gatherings as there was a plan to assassinate him. He added that the PM said he would leave the world at a time appointed by Almighty Allah, according to ARY News.

He said: “PM Imran Khan has been advised to use a bulletproof shield while addressing the public gatherings but the PM said he will leave this world at the time fixed by Almighty Allah.

“PM Imran Khan has a clear stance on the foreign policy of the country and now Pakistan will not become part of anyone’s war. The airbases of the country will not be given to anyone to attack our neighbouring countries,” the PTI leader told the Pakistani news channel.

Vawda’s allegations came hours after the Pakistan prime minister shared details of what he claimed was a ‘letter proof’ to substantiate allegations he had made a few days ago that there was a foreign hand trying to topple his government along with senior journalists of the country, news agency PTI reported.

Before sharing the purported letter with journalists, Khan had chaired a cabinet meeting where he briefed the ministers about it. The Prime Minister also postponed his address to the nation.

“The letter will reveal the elements who are conspiring against the country from abroad,” he said in Islamabad. “Suspicions were cast that the government is doing all this to save itself.” he added.

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“The letter clearly shows how big conspiracy is against the government and it is far bigger conspiracy than what I am telling you.”

Pakistan Army chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa and the director general of spy agency ISI Lt General Nadeem Anjum had reportedly advised Khan against addressing the nation as such a move could vitiate the atmosphere in the country and create law and order problems.

Imran Khan’s government is in minority ahead of the no-confidence vote that has been tabled against him after ally Muttahida Qaumi Movement and five members joined hands with the opposition. The opposition’s strength has now gone up to 177 in the 342-member assembly, which is way above the majority of 172.


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