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Indian & Royal Thai troops huddle & train to crush terror operations

14-day joint military exercise, ‘MAITREE’, between the Indian  and Thai Army began recently.


The Indian Army and the Royal Thai Army began their latest joint exercise in Meghalaya on Monday. This is part of ‘Exercise Maitree’, the annual bilateral joint exercise between the Indian Army (IA) and the Royal Thailand Army (RTA) at the Joint Training Node (JTN), Umroi, Meghalaya.

A total of 100 troops from the Indian Army, led by Colonel Rahul Joshi and 45 troops of the Royal Thai Army led by Colonel Thiradej Limkunagul, are taking part in this 14-day exercise, slated to last till September 29.

The aim of the exercise is joint training of troops in counter-terrorism operations in both jungle terrain and in the urban scenario. ‘Exercise Maitree’, has been the face of a long-standing bilateral tie between India and Thailand since 2006.

The Royal Thai Army recognizes the importance and necessity of warfare that can confront and reduce the threat from outside the country.

The 14-day exercise will be conducted under the overarching framework of the United Nations Mandate, 2006. Both contingents will share their valuable experiences in the conduct of counter-terrorism operations in the form of lectures, drills, demonstrations and skills-at–arms with the aim of refining tactics, techniques and procedures.

The exercise will culminate in a 48-hour joint exercise, which will showcase planning and execution of the joint skills of the soldiers while conducting counter-terrorism operations.

Both Thailand and India have been fighting terrorism for years with iron hands

‘Will strengthen both countries’

‘This training will strengthen both countries in terms of the security challenges we face now… Both the Royal Thai Army and the Indian Army have a long history. Since 2006, we’ve been conducting joint exercises. We hope we’ll continue this relationship with the Indian Army’

— Col. Thiradej Limkunagul, Royal Thailand Army


‘Important for India’

‘It’s an opportunity for the Indian Army to host the Royal Thai Army in this joint military training exercise. Both countries have a long association and such training enhances our own capabilities and understanding. I’m sure both the teams will take lots of things from this joint military training. The military training exercise is important for India because of the changing facets of global terrorism’

— Col. Rahul Joshi, Indian Army

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