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Dipika Trehan ushering holistic Health awareness among Indian Women


All over the world, Women’s health is one specific perspective, which has been probably most neglected. That is why, in most developing countries, maximum importance is given on women’s health. But health doesn’t only mean concerns regarding physical condition. Women all over the world are victims of stress and no doubt, not everything can be cured with medicines. Rather yoga, a mode which is considered to be useful in true sense of the term. India’s very own Dipika Trehan has been a stalwart in this regard, paving the path for a sustainable path for women to reduce their stress along with fitness and wellness.

A Delhi University graduate and an MBA in HR from IMT Ghaziabad, Dipika Trehan started practicing yoga 8 years ago. A decade back life was absolutely different for her, who began her career in training and development with American Express. Since then there has been no looking back for her.


Dipika Trehan has been an icon creating awareness on fitness, wellness and stress management


No, Dipika Trehan isn’t simply a yoga instructor or an anger management specialist. Rather she is someone who brings every aspect together with a complete holistic outlook with her understanding of modern life. Having stayed abroad for close to a decade, she understands the nuances of cross cultural barriers.

With her level of expertise in HR, multi-cultural life skills along with yoga has made Dipika an indispensable personality in the corporate world. Right now, her client list includes big brands like Amazon, Unilever, Sygene, Mphasis, MindTree, HARMAN, Mylan Pharma, Capgemini to name a few. Not only women, Dipika’s client list includes mixed groups as well. This is what acceptance is all about Dipika Trehan! Presently, other than a yoga instructor to high profile personalities, Dipika is also a visiting faculty for yoga at AyurVAID hospitals in Bengaluru, the official Yoga and Mind strength coach to the contestants of Ms Fitness India.


Dipika Trehan conferred with an award at WEF


The fraternity of health in India is thankful to Dipika for mentoring the H. O. W. (Health of Women) forum. She is the founder of the platform too which promotes and ensures the holistic and wellness of a woman. Dipika Trehan is leading the H. O. W. which aims in ‘Making a woman fall in love again… This time with herself! ”

Dipika’s intent with H.O.W. forum is genuine. In her own words, “The Health Of Women Forum began with the intent to make women prioritise themselves and their wellness, Our Motto being: “Making a woman fall in love again, This time with HERSELF”.We achieve this through 4 key verticals: Health and Wellness, Empowerment, through a unique developmental Journey ; Corporate Diva, * Womcom: A women’s safety program. :Building women commandos.”


Dipika Trehan with the Unilever Team


Dipika Trehan is associated with a number of global platforms like the WEF (Women Economic Forum), ALL (All Ladies League). Very recently, she was conferred upon with the award of ‘Iconic Women creating a better World for all’ at the WEF Annual Conference in the ‘Innovating for health and wellness vertical’.

It was truly a proud moment for India when Dipika was recognized and applauded for her work in Corporate wellness sector by Mrs. Cherie Blair in person. Let’s not forget that Dipika Trehan was recently sent on a 4 week scholarship to Haifa, by the government of Israel as part of Women’s Health Programme.


Dipika Trehan with Cherie Blair


A professional of the highest calibre, Dipika has set her target for the coming years. With H.O.W. she is indeed hopeful of making a big stride. “The Vision of the H.O.W. Forum is to impact 50,000 lives through our innovative interventions. Our Credo: Y.I.P.E.E.: Your Innovative Partners in Employee Empowerment is something we are hopeful. We strive to strengthen our client base along with the continued support of our corporate clients. With 4 editions of Corporate Diva in Bangalore, in the next 5 years we aim to expand this unique developmental Journey to multiple cities in India. We would further, through WOMCOMS empower more and more people with skills on self-safety and crisis management. And last but not the least, we would like to be the helping hand to budding entrepreneurs, enabling them to overcome challenges and dream big. We believe in “Collaboration being the way to success”, Hence our team is working on and would be glad to collaborate with other ventures where synergy in thought and intent exists,” remarks Dipika.


Dipika Trehan, the Yoga and Mind Strength mentor for contestants of Ms. Fitness India


Credit goes to Dipika Trehan for creating mass awareness on women’s health in India. Being a certified Patanjali Yoga Instructor Dipika has truly ushered in a ‘healthy’ revolution in India and beyond. With her expertise in the corporate domain as well, Dipika has become a brand on her own. Team Optimist wishes Dipika Trehan and her Health of Women team all the best for future endeavours.







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