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IPS V Solomon Nesakumar realizes childhood dream

Turning a fiery childhood passion into a full-time, successful and high-profile career needs immense determination, discipline and dedication — something that he calls ‘the 3Ds’. However much it may seem to be a rendezvous with destiny, such a glorious career can only be determined by sheer hard work, will-power and the zealous soul of a super-achiever.

And so, this achiever, IPS V Solomon Nesakumar of Nesapakkam, Tamil Nadu, currently SP of Purba Medinipur, strongly followed the paths of the 3Ds to weave a successful story in the Indian bureaucratic arena. An expert in Shotokan Karate, himself, which taught him the 3Ds, Nesakumar has introduced special karate classes (under Project Unmesh) for women and girls in Purba Medinipur free of cost after taking charge of office.

His district, plagued with various challenges, has given him the opportunity to set up positive  development work. In a free-spirited chat with The Optimist, he shared insights into his work, ambition and his favourite Netflix series at length.


IPS V Solomon Nesakumar of Nesapakkam, Tamil Nadu is currently SP of Purba Medinipur


The Optimist: Please share with us the developments that have taken place in Purba Medinipur since you took charge of office in 2018.

 VS Nesakumar: In terms of development, we focussed on the Digha and Mandarmani beaches to prevent incidents of drowning. Police visibility has been increased for tourist safety. They’ve been provided with flashlights and reflector jackets to increase night vision. Besides deploying more nuliyas, we’ve also introduced rubber boats to save people along the shore. We’ve also installed CCTV cameras and public address systems, or loudspeakers, as some of the other measures for a safe, secure and friendly sea-shore experience. In Haldia, the beat patrolling system is in place to ensure safety, because there are numerous industries.


The Optimist: Was it a big challenge to be the SP of Purba Medinipur after your tenure as DC Traffic, Kolkata?

VS Nesakumar: Each position and place has its own challenges and opportunities. Kolkata was a metro city, so the work pressure was greater. There were bosses to whom we had to report and we were always on our toes. Here, in Purba Medinipur. I’m my own boss. So, there’s a lot of liberty in terms of work, which I enjoy.

But this district has its own challenges. Traffic is a big issue here, which we need to address soon. We’re trying to tackle the traffic problem, but haven’t achieved much till now, so this part needs a lot of progress. Besides, there are some communally sensitive areas. We often get reports of sporadic skirmishes or unpremeditated fights here. We’re trying to establish communication channels in these areas and build closer public contact for a safer and more peaceful environment.



The Optimist: What measures have you adopted in Purba Medinipur to ensure security?

VS Nesakumar: We have the beat patrolling system in Haldia, as I mentioned earlier, where police personnel patrol the entire area. Then, we have such projects as Unmesh for the protection of girls, where school and college-going girls are taught self-defence techniques free of cost. This is a joint venture with Haldia Energy Ltd.  Regular classes are held, where over 100 women and girls learn karate at Kanthi and almost 60 in Mahisadal.

Then, there is Sparsho, a project undertaken by us, where the local police visit the elderly, or senior citizens of the locality to ensure their safety. A large number of senior citizens live alone and are susceptible to heinous crimes. So, police personnel visit their homes and enquire about their needs and provide them with all kinds of assistance to make them feel safe. Moreover, the number of civic police personnel has increased to almost 4,800 in this district.

The Optimist: Do you regularly check the website created for Purba Medinipur for filing complaints and sharing views?

VS Nesakumar: Yes, we do and the response is quite good. We also come to know about a lot of issues of the district through this website and try to address them, as well.



The Optimist: How do you visualise yourself in your career five years from now, given the fact that you managed to turn your passion into your career?

VS Nesakumar: True, I always wanted to be in the Indian Police Service and my dream has come true. Five years from now, I would, obviously, aim for a more senior position, maybe a DIG, a Special IG, or Jt Commissioner of Kolkata or Bidhannagar Police.


The Optimist: You are a Black Belt in karate. Do you still practise this martial art? How much has it helped you as an IPS? Are your kids learning karate, too?

VS Nesakumar: I learnt Shotokan Karate, a form of martial arts, when I was in school and it has really helped me to evolve as a better human being. It has made me determined, disciplined and dedicated. These virtues have helped me throughout my life, during my academic years and also in my career as an IPS officer. My son and daughter, too, have started taking karate lessons, which will discipline them and sharpen their focus.


The Optimist: You also have a passion for reading international magazines and understanding international relations. Being the boss here, do you manage to get time to read?

VS Nesakumar: Yes, I used to be a voracious reader once. But now, I don’t get much time to read. In my free time, I like to watch Narcos, a series on Netflix on international drug kingpins of the late-’80s. I have an avid interest in such international topics, so I try to watch documentaries, or serials in my free time.

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