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It’s ‘tandav’ at Hazra Park in their 80th year of Durga Puja

The daily cycle of destruction and creation is created in the nuclear instability that occurs at different levels of the universe and helps in keeping a balance. According to the Hindu scriptures, tandav is an integral part of our life which takes place with or without our knowledge. Hazra Park Durgotsab, which turns 80 this year, is celebrating with a theme related to the current scenario of the world ‘tandav’. It will become a tangible document of human life in the theme and presentation of their Durga Puja.

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Located at Hazra crossing (inside Jatin Das Park), this puja started in 1942 with the support from Calcutta Municipal Corporation under the guidance of the then Mayor CR Das and CEO Subhas Chandra Bose. The puja was open for the common masses, under-privileged, backward classes and Harijans. Earlier, this puja was held at Bhawanipore, which shifted to Hazra Park in 1945.


Many consider tandav as a destructive force. But, traversing the pages of human history, once can see that tandav is being referred to a special moment which initiates the change process, when something new is being conceived while something is destroyed. Change is a part of life, as nothing is static for long. Change is necessary for life, and so, change is inevitable. So, one must embrace this aspect and go along with the ups and downs of life. Instead of losing our hearts, we should learn from our past. The puja organizers want Durga Puja 2022 to become a place of great harmony, forgetting the pain of loss of the last three years. For that purpose, Hazra Park Durgotsab Puja Committee is all geared up and preparing for puja with great enthusiasm.

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“This year’s theme is to think of the continuous process of the universe. The theme is tandav which is actually a physical document of human life. The main idea of the theme is tandava, which is basically no specific moment, rather a continuous process. According to the theory of creation, violence happens every day somewhere in this universe. The reservoirs of destruction and creation are formed in the nuclear instability occurring at different levels of the universe,” said Sayan Deb Chatterjee, joint secretary of Hazra Park Durgotsab Committee.


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