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Janadhar India – ushering brand new era in election campaigning in India


India is the largest liberal democracy in the world. In all the tiers of the democratic set up, the parameters like religion, caste, class, demography, language, culture and others play pivotal roles. In the last seven decades since independence, there have been widespread changes in the whole concept of election campaigning in India. The arrival of the smart phone and massive digital penetration in the rural area too have been instrumental in welcoming massive changes in the segment of election management. Janadhar India, a venture of Aalyshia Global LLP, is changing the face of elections in our country by giving an organized election campaign management service.

Janadhar India has come up with a unique concept of Election management solution which plans and helps in managing all election and political campaigns based on extensive voter level research and analysis. This solution manages elections and campaigns by defining target, analyzing competition, managing poll workers, segregating data, and all possible tools which help in getting maximum reach in candidates favoUr. There is no denying the fact that the Indian democratic set up is of diverse nature considering the voters, priorities, political parties and the candidates as well. Huge amount of money is being spent every year in unorganized voter data analysis.



Janadhar India promises to give a fresh new outlook in this context. With scientific voters survey, voters behavioural analysis, opinion polls, exit polls, qualitative research and analysis, quantitative survey and research, LED video vans, poll worker training, candidate profile, bulk sms & emails, bulk WhatsApp, bulk recorded voice calls, digital advertising, customized mobile application for candidates, election  management software, voters database, door to door campaigns, outdoor and cinema advertising and others – Janadhar India is truly providing one stop solution to election management in India.



The USP of the whole initiative is authentic and attention grabbing communication with the voter. Let’s not forget that Indians don’t only vote in assembly and general elections. Even the Panchayet or the Municipality elections are closely contested. The one stop solution provided by Janadhar India is definitely a huge boost to digital low cost target based campaigning in India.

The founder of Janadhar India is Manish Jha, a multilingual speaker, with multiple PG degrees, has truly evolved with his innovative solution to India’s problems with costly poll campaigns in both urban and rural fold. With more than 14 years of experience in politics, elections and marketing, Manish is indeed hopeful regarding his journey ahead.


Manish Jha, founder Janadhar India


He acknowledged,” Since the very beginning of our journey in Janadhar India in October 2015, we have successfully delivered our services in Uttaranchal, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Karnataka Assembly Elections. We are already marching ahead in reaching all constituents across India before the General Elections to be held later this year.” One can only hope that Janadhar India’s election campaign innovation will be a huge blessing in the long run, giving a target oriented measured digital approach in election campaigning.




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